This was sudden but not unexpected in light of some of the recent unreasonable expectations and more unreasonable actions placed upon Shawn.  It seems he is in the process of making the decision to depart Films Crew and any public life for an unknown length of time.  These circumstances were not placed on him by the band or the business, it’s a personal situation that makes me furious.  it is unconscionable that some people can treat others like trinkets, leaving them dangling until it suits them, playing amateur psychoanalysts, knowing what a vulnerable time it was for him, that’s abuse.  It wasn’t a single incident but a single person who was misleading him.  We are hoping he rethinks this decision, because we actually love him.

His words on the matter are HERE


@FrenchGuy since you think you know so much about us please self-immolate, I have your audio

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