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And today we lose a band member over Christopher,

His mother Patricia Reyher has allegedly threatened to take legal action against the band or the site, because she was unaware her adult son was part of it, and that he completely lied about his involvement and his defrauding of us.  Attention Patricia Coakley Reyher.

Aaron here. it came to our attention last night that we were going to be threatened with some type of legal action by Patricia Coakley Reyher for something that is her adult son Christopher’s fault, (Fraud).  We are told we can no longer mention Christopher’s last name.  So here is where I break my silence.  Patricia Coakley Reyher, your adult son Christopher posed as his brother on line on Periscope, an app where people broadcast themselves, Christopher was broadcasting about politics.  Christopher somehow lured a member of this band off line developing a relationship with him, mind you, Christopher was the one who pursued this.  Christopher lied about his name up until we found out from other sources, websites, people, etc., this was all a fraud.  During this period Christopher asked for a website, which we obliged and he neglected only so he could brag about it on Periscope, leaving us to pay the bill for it.  Also during this period Christopher and I maintained a relationship, in which he was constantly reassuring me that his intentions were honorable, however he using his brother’s name.  Christopher’s behavior became very erratic during his fraudulent enterprise, and became very abusive to one of the members of this band.  Christopher also broke into and defaced this website that he had no authorization to, while I’m sure he doesn’t view it as illegal, it certainly is.  Christopher had blocked us all on social media and our phones when he found out we were alerted to his name not being his brothers’.  When Christopher broke into the website and defaced it, the webmaster has no choice but to turn the server logs over to the NYPD Cybercrimes Division, this was also turned over to the FBI.  The IP address was originating out of Chicago, and it occurred more than once, he was in the company of 30 something year old woman he lied to us about who claimed on Twitter she was in love with him, her name is Krista Kumpf.  What we take issue with is that Christopher was of his own volition wanting to be a part of this website, having his own website on it, while perpetrating a fraud, and yes that is FRAUD.  While you, Patricia won’t in any way be sympathetic to this band, and productions company’s reputation, it is important to us, and Christopher’s actions caused damage to our credibility.  Christopher’s behavior was so erratic and abusive, that we were in hopes he would get mental help.  In other words Patricia, your son Christopher put himself on this website.  The band has not received any kind of explanation for his behavior, is this an example of your parenting, where you find it acceptable for your adult son to engage in criminal activity, like, say Fraud, violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and treat people he has claimed to bond with as objects he can abuse?, really Mrs Reyher?, if this is what you find acceptable as a parent?, I question your qualifications.  Your adult son literally abused a member of this band, our livelihood and business.  Nothing has been negatively said about your adult son Christopher on this website.

Mrs. Reyher, I’ve heard you have problems with this website, something along the lines of it being “Weird”.  I’ve heard that it could somehow hurt your adult son’s career prospects?  I’m going to chalk this alleged “Weird” comment as to you having no discernible taste what so ever, and being narcissistic enough to jump to a conclusion to something you have no clue about.  We go to schools your adult son Chris couldn’t get into and no one has ever based any of our qualifications on our website, it has worked to our advantage.  Mrs. Reyher, you allege it’s “Weird”, well “Weird” has gotten it two design awards.  I just found out that your adult son can barely tolerate our website, which he has been a part of since last December, I however am used to Christopher’s compulsive lying.  Just so were clear here Mrs. Reyher, you allegedly are threatening legal action against a young band, because you refuse to accept the possibility that your adult son Chris took advantage of, conned, manipulated, and damaged us?  We could have and still can take legal action against your son, who apparently is arrogant enough to assume that he is above the law.  Mrs. Reyher do you know what your adult son does to people?, are you aware of his activities on the web?, did you know he was luring people off of the internet fraudulently using his brother’s name for a year or longer, only to turn their lives into living hells with his special brand of abuse.  Mrs. Reyher, you think we are “Weird”?  Your adult son Chris  who has not only criminally broken into areas of this website, on a whim last night, he ordered us take down what he thought was objectionable, which was most of the content.  Chris demanded pictures of me taken down, (he finds the way I look objectionable now), he  demanded pictures of other band members taken down, (Chris finds our blonde good looks objectionable).  In fact he finds the person in this band that he claimed to be important in his life that he damaged, to be “Weird”.  So Mrs. Reyher, what is normal?, what is suitable to you, in order that you don’t bring legal charges against us?  Your adult son Chris has had almost all of the content of this website removed, which he has been a part of.  Our website is “Weird”?  My mom doesn’t think our website is “Weird”, in fact we’ve never herd that from anyone.  Mrs. Reyher, you think we are “Weird”?  Any parent of an adult son like Christopher, would have gotten him a psychiatric evaluation and into therapy.  Or could it just be that a parent of your caliber would rather blame and threaten legal action on a young band because she refuses to see the truth about her adult son?  Mrs. Reyher, let’s look at that truth before you get hasty with legal threats.  Your adult son is willing to let a band, who he has been friends with, been part of their website get into legal trouble because he refuses to tell you what he has been doing over the last year and a half.  Mrs. Reyher do you want to see the texts your adult son has sent me?  We’ll make that happen.  How about the ‘Manifesto’ text he had written by Krista Kumpf to send to his close friend, letting him know that all the trust, all of their talks were nothing but a lie after nearly a year.  That close friend was probably the best thing that ever happened to Chris.  But Mrs. Reyher, suddenly your adult son Chris thinks this band member is “Weird”, “Disturbing”, and like “Andy Warhol” (?), which is just insulting.  So Mrs. Reyher I see your adult son is back to his abusive behavior, now we want an explanation for his behavior out of you.  Mrs. Reyher why would your son abuse someone who has only shown him kindness.  Mrs. Reyher do you have a problem with homophobia like your adult son Chris who has admitted to being gay?  Since your adult son, who has probably blocked our phone numbers by now won’t explain himself, I want you to explain his actions to us, especially since you want to take legal action against us for your adult son’s actions.  You think we make him look bad?, look at yourself, you created the monster.  You bring legal action against us, we bring legal action against Chris.  Mrs. Reyher, you have apparently threatened us with legal action, over actions that are completely your adult son’s doing.


Sorry, no picture today, it disturbs Christopher’s closeted sensibilities, he has also deemed me unattractive, (as well as SZ who’s photos he wanted all removed). And his mother thinks we’re “Weird”, we think she is a narcissistic, bigoted, anti-intellectual victim lied to by her adult son, but I wouldn’t want to jump to conclusions like Patricia Coakley Reyher, or her closeted abusive son who has ruined our website.  Fortunately we have a Members Only Section.

Get ready for the posting of the ‘Manifesto’ from Chris.

Preview Track (Fit for the occasion) FRAUD




I broke Christopher’s rules posting a picture of Shawn, uh oh.  Patricia you wish your sons were as unbelievably attractive and capable.

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