Aaron here again.  As an update to this on day 14 of Films Crew’s stalemate, I wanted to make clear, Levi and I had a simple band disagreement with SZ which has been resolved.  The misunderstanding between Name Redacted and SZ caused more tension between all of us.  Levi said Name Redacted told him the he did not know how to explain things.  The problem with that is, SZ did nothing wrong here except believe in someone who said he loved him, so communication shouldn’t be that difficult, so either communicate or keep the person you love hurting.  We took Name Redacted at his word that things like this wouldn’t happen, and are hoping Name Redacted resolves this situation. SZ has referred to himself as a novelty for sometime for good reasons, if Name Redacted is not willing to communicate, Christopher Reyher is just proving the point that SZ is a novelty.

Of course Name Redacted can log in to the website and add to this dialogue.

Aaron here, with Levi. Andrew. and Jay as mediator

Aaron:  In the interest of transparency, we would like to explain a situation that has some people confused involving two incidents of tension which we would like to explain because things have gotten out of hand, two different events were going on which involved the band and Name Redacted which somehow got jumbled together.  We are going to leave this up for few days, then archive it.

Jay:  What happened during the band’s summit meeting by phone on Wednesday?

Levi:  During the conference call Aaron and I were overly anxious, possibly combative, regarding Shawn’s need for over-perfectionism regarding the mixes for the upcoming Films Crew EP.  In hindsight, this was uncalled for as we had miscalculated the time constraints of his schedule, which we were had remissibly not taken into consideration, in which he decided it might be best for him to leave the band after concluding the mixes, to focus on school as well as the ANNOXN Project.

Aaron:  The call got very heated, SZ and I had a vision for what this release was going to be, which Levi didn’t quite understand and was dismissive about, but this was already baked in, and Levi was ahead of himself over packaging and visuals.  I was pushing for the music to be finished faster, but I had also wanted SZ go go in re-track some vocals of his own, I didn’t like him stepping back from doing the majority of vocals and I wanted them to be equally split between him and Andrew, and this wasn’t something SZ was willing to do.

Andrew:  I wasn’t prepared for Levi and Aaron needlessly demanding so much from Shawn, I felt slighted and disturbed considering how much work had already been put in so far and thought Levi was being unrealistic, and thought Aaron was pushing for an Aaron and Shawn release, things were very tense, I took Shawn’s side, who was already distressed.

Aaron:  Levi and Andrew didn’t know that Name Redacted and SZ had a misunderstanding which was caused by a third party, this had affected him more than I thought.  To be clear, there was no yelling at each other, we don’t do that, I can’t because of complications from a tonsillectomy. It was just really tense, what Levi and I did was uncalled for.

Jay:  Has this been resolved?

Levi:  Reflecting upon it afterwards, I’m agreeable to what we had originally laid out, even though this wasn’t a release we had planned to do, realizing that pushing forward prematurely would be an oversight considering it is a limited vinyl release, although I want a wider release at a later date.  I do owe Shawn a much needed apology.

Aaron:  For the most part, I haven’t been able to apologize to SZ fully, he hasn’t taken my calls or texts

Andrew:  I had no issues with from the beginning, Aaron and Levi have made their apologies to me.

Jay:  Has anyone connected to the band talked to anyone from The Village Voice?

Aaron: No

Levi:  Of course not, however that doesn’t mean someone from the label hasn’t.

Jay:  There has been some consternation over Aaron’s last site update, was it about someone in particular?, plain English please

Aaron:  It was about me coming out, but it took a darker turn about duplicity how people use that to take advantage of others like a cycle of abuse that never gets broken out of.  I’m sure Name Redacted thinks it is about him, which it wasn’t meant to be, it was mostly about about this woman Krista Kumpf,on Twitter and Periscope that blocked SZ for no reason, after going to some lengths to try get to know him, and at the same time had said some things about him that weren’t true, the problem with this is that she knew some of the details about  SZ’s life and how people do this kind of thing she did, the irony is rich there. She has made some bad anti-gay remarks.  She also accused me of being involved with high school dramatics, again the irony is rich there, blocking people on social media to make a point like she’s making is the height of high school dramatics. The update wasn’t about Cameron except for one line, How do you sleep at night?, which I added later, because if I knew this situation was going on before SZ did, then obviously Name Redacted did.

Levi:  I thought Aaron’s update was thoughtful and introspective, I was unaware of what was going on at the time, though the social commentary of it was an important construction, considering the amount of people live in that aspect, I was impressed.

Andrew: I was impressed by it, it did make me think.

Jay:  Please explain your individual Twitter usage.

Levi: I’m seldom on Twitter, perhaps if it’s an unusually busy news day I might follow one of the lists of journalists Shawn assembled, if someone sends me a DM I am emailed, in which case I usually respond with an email.  I neither have the time or the inclination to be involved on social media.

Aaron:  I text a few people through Twitter, but I mainly use it to keep up with political news, where I follow SZ’s lists, I’m not on it all the time.

Andrew: I’m supposed to be keeping the Films Crew account updated, but I’m not on it often enough.

Jay:  Please explain your individual Periscope activity.

Levi:  What Periscope activity?  After seeing Gays For Trump, which can’t be unseen?! I have seen Name Redacted, whom I think needs an altogether different platform.  It’s an abysmal mire of white supremacist trolls extolling pseudo philosophies and maladjusted attention whores.  While the white supremacists will eventually split into differing factions before fading into obscurity, it’s truly their platform.  Again, I have neither the time nor the inclination to be involved in that morass of mental illness, it’s dangerous and unhealthy.

Aaron:  I’ve watched a lot of Alt-Right Periscopes, I’m not on Periscope that often anymore, it’s not healthy. After SZ lost interest in it, I kept watching the Alt-Righters because I had kept up with Gamer-Gate, where the Alt-Right comes out of, but all of it has just become of idiots without a clue that can’t be reasoned with, so not so much anymore.

Andrew:  I’m not interested in any of that.

Jay:  Has anyone talked to Shawn, is anyone angry with, or is there any controversy with him

Levi:  I talked to his sister in law after I got a message from Name Redacted.  I’m certainly not angry with him, there is hardly anything controversial about him or anything he’s done.

Aaron:  I talked to his sister in law, he’s not talking to me yet.  I said some harsh things and was pushing him during the band meeting, which I need to apologize for.

Andrew:  I spoke with him briefly.

Jay:  Has anyone talked to Name Redacted, is anyone angry with, or is there any controversy with him?

Aaron:  I got a Twitter text from him, I’m not in any way mad at him, I think he needs to fix this misunderstanding with SZ, I think he can do that.

Levi:  I’ve only received a message from him via Twitter after reaching out to him, which caused some concern, it was disconcerting, as he had taken what I said out of context, though seeing how the puzzle pieces fit, I understand it.  I’m not angry with him at all, I am confused by his actions, as I told him, it’s his responsibility to make his explanations to Shawn.

Andrew:  I only know who he is.

Jay:  Is there any current controversy with Films Crew?

Levi:  Of course not.  Shawn may take a break after concluding the mixes.  We were supposed to be on a break in the first place.

Aaron:  I don’t think so.  A little tension happened.

Andrew:  Not that I am aware of.

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A founding member of FilmsCrewBand, Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist and mental health advocate and political activist, with an excellent work ethic.
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