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Levi + Predator Band  Performances with AmenRa : Belgium : France : UK

Predator (Band) Levi D. Wall, Named after the Original Predator Nathan Nevitt + The ANNONXN track.  Predator is a Hiatus Experiment of Sonic Assaults fueled by the inexplicable behavior of Nathan Nevitt the rage a Predator must fear and feel when he is found out or caught, the rage of the denial, being trapped by his own cold blooded lies  A Sociopathology, a narcissism, an anti-social + borderling behavior disordered mind, the fraud, these things need to be studied Nathan Nevitt is the dissection. Predator Band is an experimint to look inside that mind through art. Studio musicians will be myself and former A.NNON.XN  drummer Logan Harris with live and sometimes guest guitarist James Aaron. A musician of SZ’s abilities was desired but this is a thing that can no longer be. SZ is no longer here.  This is not Films Crew Band, Peyrony, or ANNONXN, it is the rough experimentation of a project in the formative stages, like all things Predatory it could remain incomplete. -Levi D Wall.  Predator Band is my Hiatus Project, named after the ANNONXN track and Nathan Nevitt it will be a study into the mind of the sociopath, I will host the Predator Project here on the website that Nathan Nevitt is the majority owner of. Nathan Nevitt IS this thing (a Predator) until he proves otherwise.  An Abuser in denial being enabled in a lie that makes these enablers complicit as criminals. Predator picks up where I left off with A.NNON.XN, after Nathan Nevitt and Nikki Turner dispatched me, (I’m releasing those recordings). As well as the video of Nathan Nevitt’s proposal of marriage and exchanging of vows (by videographer Kyle Moyer of Parks Agency). It is is Nathan Nevitt’s best interests to stop lying about being a Predator and Abuser, until he can prove otherwise.   Mr. Daniel Nevitt  has warned of impending violoence, come kick my ass instead, fly to New York on your wife’s money and I’ll show you some  Love.

I have enjoyed the smell of fear in Texas during my lingering post South by Southwest stay. Austin is relevant to its own self-importance, subpar town with no culture, only a sense of ego inflation with no substance, like Nathan himself -Levi Wall

Sociopathology Predator Band Levi Wall

The A.NNON.XN Predator Track and Video are

unlike aaron housos, nathan nevitt is a predator until he proves otherwise levi wall
Levi Wall Predator Band NYC

From Peyrony, SZ’s last live performance

Anyone who has made the grandiose statement that they have been held down and held back, as Nathan Nevitt has, were actually holding down and holding back someone else in a Predatory way, this thing is what it is Nathan Nevitt’s lie, a thing now bigger than Nathan Nevitt who is no model but a sales associate, I am represented by Ford who I also do photography for. Nathan Nevitt is the thing I will entertainment out of, no one is forgetting as easily as Nathaniel Taylor Nevitt, Predators have no remorse, they are criminals who victimize, as are their enablers who support such behavior.  I hear every every lie Nathaniel tells. -Levi Wall

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Amanda Gray, affectionately referred to as Senator Tina Ward by FilmsCrewBand for her political and human rights activism is a spokesperson for FilmsCrewBand, a mother. (most times mother of the band) and guardian of ShawnZone's FaceBook account
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