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More Content Management for the complete rebuild of this domain.
Coincidental Notes is meant to be the section where Films Productions Artists:
ANNONXN + Peyrony Project + Films Crew (Band) +  Captain Nathan Nevitt’s Art  + Related Projects + Audio, Art, Photography, and Video  can have a delivery and content system more condensed  and make use of the new galleries and video. The Webmaster will make note of all site updates in this section, it the more technical counterpart to Coincidental Events, which will remain the main update page.

Site Admins, Captain Nathan Nevitt (under Captain and Nathan) + Zagata + Webmaster Jay Nein (myself) + all have their same login and passes site-wide.  Commander Shawn has admin access to this section + and Nik Turner.
Coincidental Notes is the Meta Technical companion to Coincidental Events, set up for cross-referencing.

This section of  the Content Management System had been walled off as the original Coincidental Events, as an issue of operating transparently it is now unlocked


About Levi Dennis Wall

Levi D Wall, the often opinionated though well meaning bassist for FilmsCrewBand and one of the core original members. Levi is frequently found immersed in video editing and film classes. His own recording project is Predator Band.
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