Aaron here, I don’t know if this should be published, it is definitely not front page worthy, and I don’t know how to get it catch Christopher’s attention because I think he is mad at me, I’m not sure why, SZ is distant and despondent, these two things go together, so SZ and Christopher need to get things fixed with each other.  I’ve never know SZ to hurt anyone, but I can tell he’s hurting, I don’t know what has happened, if Christopher did something or not, all of these things can be forgiven.  The last things Christopher told me, were that he loved SZ and he could see himself living with him and that he planned on it, I know how scary of a prospect that is and to come to terms with, guys, whatever this is, it can be worked out, you love each other, neither of you is going to find what you two have together again.  What ever it is that has come between the two of you, it can be figured out, it can be forgiven, you two are ones of a kind and somehow found each other in all the darkness of the world, let this thing between the two of you happen.

I obviously have issues with the people on the Periscope app, I obviously have issues with the Alt-Right, especially on the Periscope app, however, I’ve just seen the strangest Alt-Right Periscope there has ever been, if the Alt-Right had been branded by Andy Warhol with rabies in a collaboration with a homoerotic Quentin Tarantino, and the Catholic church.  I was working so I didn’t have a chance to grab the audio, but we are going to try to track it down if possible.  It was the New Borat, at least I think it was New Borat, yes, I think it was New Borat. but what would he be doing on the Periscope app?  This was more bizarre than a marriage of the conspiracy theories of Dale and Michael Phillips going on at the same time, without the severe psychological damage that plagues the both of them, New Borat seemed sane, although that’s up for debate.  This was a very visual Periscope placed in an upscale living room with Nazi memorabilia and flags, where New Borat kept removing clothes until he was down to a bright red pair of Andrew Christiansen thong briefs.  Before I get into what happened in the Periscope, the visuals were really weird for a Periscope, everything was completely still, no camera jumping around, and there seemed to be an emphasis on colors, red, white, black, and yellow.  It was almost like someone was filming this in a Gays for Trump sort of way, with a hell of a lot more production value put into it, this Periscope was something somebody put some time and effort into, but why?

I would never have seen this if that French Bastard, (Frenchguy), hadn’t promoted it, or invited people to it, however that works on Periscope.  My first thought was that couldn’t be New Borat, but it seems like it might have been.  What was surprising was how reasonable he was trying to be on some pretty outlandish concepts, he never raised his voice, he was soft spoken, very serious, and never smiled.  With 40 something people watching him, the only questions he would answer were from that French Bastard (Frenchguy), which is on it’s face too surreal to think about.  It was clear from that point that the French Bastard (Frenchguy) had something to do with the creation of New Borat.   It was part Catholic sermon, part Aryan Nation, (no Bell Curve references, it was old old school German Nationalist propaganda), part social observation, but things kept taking turns with strange themes he was bringing up about “Exploiters” , which included, liars, hypocrites, sinners, and the secretive.  He made no mention of liberals, Democrats, Republicans, socialists, any Alt-Right figure, or conservatism.  It was strangely about racial purity, if it weren’t for that, he would seemed like a closeted slightly religious liberal homosexual, it was literally not political at all, it was like staged performance art that had a point that he wasn’t ready to zero in on yet.  The most egregious things he said involved homosexuality, when he is obviously gay, is where the cognitive dissonance set in, was when he called it a mental disorder, but some people were privileged enough to practice it, which seemed to reference classism, and that it could also be practiced for gaining information on “Opponents”, and that he loved someone who is now dead, and that his “Next male love” couldn’t happen until next year?  His gay encounters are not sinful, because they are “Pure”?   Things got really strange when he talked about a surviving brother who committed suicide last year, with whom “Their love was pure when their flesh touched”?  Wow, just wow.

Where it got stranger was his mentioning of people who were these “Exploiters”.  He was very careful not mention anyone by a full name, or he would just an initial.  So this made part of his presentation incomprehensible, he kept reiterating that he was keeping their secrets for now, which made utterly no sense, considering he kept saying the truth will be known affecting the lives of everyone on Periscope and beyond.  The only time he seemed to be upset was when he was talking about certain people who had blocked him, and that he simply was not lockable, that there was nothing on the web he couldn’t penetrate.  He seemed focussed on one specific “Exploiter”, who was the reason for his “Mission that (he) had been given”, but their had been some miscalculation he had mistakenly made on this “Mission”, that he fell in love with a suicide victim (?). which had interrupted this “Mission” which was to expose an “Exploiter” on Periscope. that he was keeping secret for now because of the “Exploiter’s” autism, weight, and unfortunate looks, all the stranger was that he claimed he was being made to do this by someone else.   He would quietly get into details where he had alleged police case numbers, other numbers, and that he had all of this information to bring a certain “Exploiter” “To heel to a prominent man” (?), and this “Exploiter” should not be forgiven.  He seemed to be focussed on two brothers, but wouldn’t elaborate further than strings of alleged case numbers.  He also claimed that he had some type of proof that these were his half-brothers, in some sort of way, and they would not know it(?). Abruptly, he got caustic towards that French Bastard, (Frenchguy) over some sort of financial concerns, and why some alleged lover was taken away from him(?).  None of this made any sense whatsoever.  What struck me as real strange, is that he is supposed to be some sort of manual laborer, which wouldn’t be able to afford the surroundings he has, so that’s out of the window.  This was all very calculated, personally I thought this would have been about  SZ, but there was no mention, this is all about something and someone else.  If this had not been a Periscope, it would have been the absolute strangest short film that I have ever seen, and that is how it was set up.

When I went to watch the replay, it was deleted and the account was gone.  All of this was seemed to be directed at a few specific people who might have understood it, to whom it may have seemed reasonably threatening, since he is going to turn the world upside down non-politically.  We were told he had several websites, I had seen one of them briefly, (which made no sense to me), but haven’t been able to find it again.  It’s no secret that I don’t like whoever this New Borat is.  Christopher initially didn’t want him anywhere near SZ and convinced me likewise, and it may be that New Borat’s real interest wasn’t SZ, except sexually.  There have always been holes in New Borat’s branding, but with this Periscope there are even more.  First off, if you are a Catholic, forgiveness is part of your reason for living, New Borat doesn’t believe in this.  If you are an ethical and rationally thinking human, forgiveness should be second nature.  Second, if you are some sort of day laborer, your living room is not a plush leather set up with Nazi memorabilia, gay erotica, and Gibson guitars, (mostly Flying V’s), and you won’t be able to afford Andrew Christiansen underwear.  Third, New Borat is gay gay gay. his denial of it is what would be causing him problems.  Someone could be giving him a monetary incentive to take on this “Mission”, he apparently answers to someone, on Periscope he seemed to get his cues from the French Bastard (Frenchguy), but New Borat seems to have some money.  Lastly, whatever New Borat is trying to accomplish is likely to backfire, for example, if it were someone around us that needed to keep a secret, we would understand, but I don’t think I was necessarily the primary audience for the 20 or so minutes of this Periscope I saw.  New Borat is trying to hold something over someone’s head, it likely won’t work, if that French Bastard (Frenchguy) is involved, that might change the outcome, although I don’t think this has anything to do with any of us, or I couldn’t make enough sense out of it.  I don’t know where his websites are, nothing comes up, nothing would surprise me, and nothing would affect me.  On Periscope his user name was First Time User, that has just vanished.  If any of his sermon was directed our way, he will have underestimated us and how protective we are of our own.  I don’t know where these New Borat ‘ First Time User’ websites are, but it is obvious that the French Bastard (Frenchguy) is in some way a large part of this picture, and that whatever we thought before this Periscope, we had intentionally been misled by New Borat ‘First Time User’, and that this was all very calculated, and his websites, (where ever they are), are all part of someone getting even over something.

Perhaps New Borat or ‘First Time User’ can stay vanished and make short abstract art films, but I don’t think this is the last of it, and we’ll have to ride it it out.



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