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Aaron here. Let’s discuss some things like redemption, forgiveness, and trepidation.  It was with great trepidation when I approached SZ after I had lied and broken him.  The anxiety over being turned away without him understanding why I did what I did was almost too much for me, I wasn’t expecting forgiveness but he gave that to me, one thing I learned from that other than he was one of kind, was that I needed to be able to forgive too, although I’ll never become the altruist SZ became, I learned acceptance,  I also learned that people have their reasons for questionable actions, they have to be reasoned with, understood, given forgiveness and redemption.  Without SZ here, I’m at a loss.  Name Redacted hasn’t spoken to me, I did nothing wrong, I have the creeping feeling he’s not speaking to SZ, who wouldn’t have done anything wrong, I have the feeling I was left out of the loop on something, the last thing Name Redacted said to me is that he loved SZ, the last time I saw SZ, he barely spoke.  Those two have a connection that could transcend anything,  Those connections aren’t found in most peoples’ lives, I hope they understand that.

We have another release in the works, the project is my namesake PSYM OPSIS 0 (pronounced Psy’ Mope Sys), however it is a blend of Films Crew and the Peyrony Project.  We have attempted this before, but SZ and I got the balance right, with the majority of it tracked on tour last year, with the finishing touches to be complete soon.  Symopsis 0 might be a one-off project, I have no release date for it, thought it will be first available on vinyl in a limited edition run.  SZ and I wrote it, SZ produced it, and the rest of the band plays on it, it is called Redemption.  Redemption is taking a bit of a back seat to the new Films Crew, because it is a side project.  Something from Redemption will be up to stream shortly.

We have more questions from email, most of which can be answered by reading my last four updates.  There are a lot of questions about SZ that I can’t answer.  And a lot of warnings about New Borat, who none of us know, so none of us would know anything about it, we aren’t looking to find him, we aren’t involved enough on social media to care.  As I said Name Redacted wanted me to make sure SZ was as far away from New Borat as possible because Christopher has a personal interest in SZ, who is nowhere, and this is Name Redacted site as well.  As I also said, we’ll have to ride this out. Re-read my last four updates and everything will be clear.

I also wanted show my appreciation and gratefulness to Conny, Andrew, Christopher, Amanda, Ann, SZ, Stephen. and Brett


Crying To Crisis Preview
A Films Crew Track SZ wrote for Name Redacted (SZ I miss you most of all)

Step by step it’s moving on…  Can’t get a place…  Hold on…  Sleep in me…  Wake up in you…

Born in you…  Inside your eyes…   The path is clear so don’t be afraid…  Sleep in me… Wake in up you

Stay clear…  Stay and feel…  I see you… I see you…  Same feeling… I’m nearby…   I’m nearby you…

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A founding member of FilmsCrewBand, Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist and mental health advocate and political activist, with an excellent work ethic.
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