Aaron here.  Where do I put this?  This isn’t good content for the front page.  I don’t have SZ at easy reach for his forensic sense into psychology and politics, it’s something I often need.  I think Christopher would agree with me on that, since I’ve noticed a lot of his source material comes from SZ as well.  We’re a very politically focused band as individuals, our output is very psychologically focused.  And there are issues.  I go through a lot of email we get, especially due to my last update, and maybe some of those questions need to be answered, if they can be answered, and if they can’t be then that’s an issue we need to loo k at.  We usually aren’t in the habit of discussing  personalities, anybody else’s or ours’, (unless it’s political, but sometimes people around us become their own political system), and these are some of the issues we need to focus on since my last update, and all of the email response to it.

Let’s get to New Borat first.  I don’t know him, no one in Films Crew has anything to do with him.  As I said last week, it was Christopher that brought something disturbing to my attention, and also Christopher that wanted me to make sure that SZ didn’t come into contact with SZ.  New Borat seems to want some sort of relationship with SZ, Christopher didn’t want that to happen because of his own self-interest with SZ. and I’m supportive of that. New Borat’s popping up all of a sudden, was a surprise to us.  We had no idea that he was some sort of viral internet sensation, or that he had this interest in us for a few years.  We had no idea that he had up to four websites at one time, that he has some sort of band, we knew none of it.  How would we?  We understand that people like this can be dangerous, and we are uncomfortable with the amount of details he seems to know about us.  So when you email us about his, we have no idea what you are talking about.  As I said, we will have to ride this out.

Now let’s get to my observing of the Alt-Right.  I paid attention the drama that was Gamer-Gate, because it was ridiculous.  SZ had the analytic capabilities to realize that the fall out from Gamer-Gate was going to be a pseudo political wave, where a few Alt-Right pundits were rising quickly, but he didn’t see them as having a prominent figure that they could attach themselves to, enter Trump.  SZ was able to map out the hierarchy of the structure that became the Alt-Right.  Motivational cult leader Stefan Molynuex and white nationalist Richard Spencer came out of Gamer-Gate with ‘Men’s Rights Activism’ with the anti-gay non-homosexual Milo Yiannopolous, all propping up cocaine super model Mike Cernovich, (who thinks he is a journalist).  This movement would have shriveled up as an online movement, if it had not been for Trump, who has neoliberal neoconservative ideology, while the Alt-Right lives in some anarcho-capitalist libertarian fantasy.  Where these two meet is; white supremacy, patriarchy, misogyny, and being anti-gay.  So the Alt-Right attaches themselves to Trump so they can push their agenda.  My interest piqued with the lower level of the pyramid, the malcontents that appeared on social media who became instant political pundits, particularly on the Periscope app, they have been attempting to clone the behavior and views of the Alt-Right so-called spokespeople in a stupefying display of ignorance.  When it comes to my activity on the Periscope app, I’ve just been observing dregs of humanity, in terms of the Alt-Right, this is small group of people who actually believe they are reporting the news on an app, so there was originally a comic relief to it, however like the rest of Periscope they are mentally unstable, and the cognitive dissonance is mind numbing.  I don’t know which mental disorders they aren’t being treated for, but they are all in some since delusional.  They ramble on senselessly, mostly on drugs and or in an alcoholic stupor, (one of them is on some heavy psychiatric meds) without any knowledge of politics or policy at all, spewing racism, xenophobia, homophobia, and classism, when they, themselves don’t appear to be employed or getting an education.  They, like anybody else on that app do this for the instant gratification of attention because they are narcissists.  What they don’t realize is they display the behavior of people who have been indoctrinated into cults, for the most part the Alt-Right is a loosely affiliated cult that has absolutely no idea what they are talking about.

Now let’s get to SZ.  He is still with Films Crew, I’m not sure what is happening with him, I’m not sure where he is.  There were some unresolved issues in his personal life, which we hope get resolved, these issues aren’t up to him to resolve, as the best I can understand it, he is at the behest of someone else. That someone else I happen to like.  I don’t seem to know the details of the situation, which make it more difficult for me to understand, I touched on this last week.  This is not a situation where SZ could have any way done anything wrong, it’s just not who he is.  The last I knew of the situation is that both SZ and this individual had both told me they loved each other, so I don’t know what is going on here.  This individual told me that  he considered SZ to a “gift” in his life, and he had reassured us that his intentions were completely forthright.  Anyone would be incredibly fortunate to have SZ in their life, believe me, I know.  Again what pains me is how SZ has referred to himself as a novelty, and unfortunately there is so much truth to that.  And what I mean by that is because of SZ’s nature, he has is often the target of people who just want his attention, or use him for their own instant gratification, or a momentary trophy. All of this leads to some really lopsided relationships, not through his own fault.  I wouldn’t think that is what has happened here because of the reassurances I have gotten from the other individual involved, I wouldn’t want to even consider that type of behavior from him.  That individual, as I said last week can login in here and add to this or erase it, he can also login HERE.

Now let’s get to the issues of guitars.  If it looks like a Gibson, that doesn’t mean it’s a Gibson, because SZ flat out refuses to use Gibson products.  The Firebirds SZ uses, are by Dillon with Parker necks, and The Electrical Guitar Company, and they are baritone guitars, the same goes for a Les Paul he uses, which is the same configuration as the Dillon Firebirds.  So there’s a lot of carbon-graphite, stainless steel, and aluminum.  During the recording we’ve been using a lot of different things, SZ was using Dillon SG baritones, (same configuration as his other Dillons), Parker Flys, baritone and seven string guitars. And as usual custom Telecasters.  We’re experimenting a lot with the new recordings, so we tried new approaches for a wider sonic range.

Now let’s get to the issue of what’s coming up about the new release. and what I did not say.  I did not give out a title for the album, and I did not say we were releasing 17 tracks.   I said we were releasing nine tracks, but do to running times and and the limitations of how much of that can be put on vinyl for the best possible fidelity, add that to running time of our songs, we are hoping for nine tracks. This is a limited edition vinyl only release.  I don’t know the quantities that will be available or how many runs there will be, but each run will be different.  We aren’t involved with the business aspect of this release, we just put it together, our corporate overlords handle the rest of it.  I don’t know when Warner will send out availability notices, it won’t be some social media event.

Now let’s address the issue of social media.  Last week I said some disparaging things about social media, and I’ve heard back from many of you.  Thank all of you for seeing my points.  None of us do much with social media because of how toxic it is.  The level of narcissism and dangerous group think is ridiculous.  Social media literally tears relationships apart and disconnects us more than it connects us.  I may spend some time on Twitter which I keep really restrained.  I may spend some time observing the Alt-Right on the Periscope app, and that app is really toxic, I’ve never seen more manipulation and drama anywhere else, it breaks the concept of social media down to it’s raw nature, which is tearing other people apart in order justify ‘your’ existence.  As I’ve said that app is the home of the mentally unstable who refuse to get help.  And again, people need to stop blaming their behavior on their mental disorders, because their behavior is a choice.

This all refers to issues I talked about HERE and HERE


This is a preview, Syndrome
Another Christopher inspired track to which SZ wrote it for

I swim…  motions from prospect realities…  I dream… Silk touch… Silence…
Flying over the essence…  I’m alive..
All we’ve got is this moment

Dark… Away…   Are we lying to ourselves with illusions?  Clear mind, feel now, smiling…
There is no time… Crying…  I’m alive
All we’ve got is this moment

The finish… Diving… The limits of… Ice… Embrace in front of us.
Inside crumble…   Dead or so…
All we’ve got is this moment


About Aaron Housos James

A founding member of FilmsCrewBand, Aaron is a multi-instrumentalist and mental health advocate and political activist, with an excellent work ethic.
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