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Aaron here.  Below is the text from the update I just posted.

…Although here I am addressing some topics that didn’t need to be on the front page.  First we’re going to deal with the New Borat issue.  We aren’t sure of his name, we aren’t sure of his origin.  So we asked a professional, namely a security consultant.  New Borat at first seemed to be some form of attack from two anti-gay Trump supporters, on both SZ and Christopher, originating from the Periscope app, from which these anti-gay Trump supporters broadcast to a small racist, xenophobic, and homophobic audience when they aren’t being trolled.  I’m not mentioning their names either, due to the fact they have had a history with an attack on this site last November.  We had received emails alleging to be from these two anti-gay Trump supporters, however they couldn’t be verified because their domain, (website) went offline around the same time we received the first email.  When Jay, (our webmaster) looked up the records for that domain (website), their site had been taken offline by a third party, obviously by the person paying for it.  The first email did come from that domain, and contained no mention of any New Borat, the content was about an editorial SZ had written in his Top 10 for 2016 music list, and a demand that we create some content about some very sketchy internet radio streaming service owners who had cancelled them for anti-gay hate speech.  We published this.  The following emails were different in tone, demanding the same thing, with the addition of trying to pawn off on us someone referred to as New Borat.  By this logic, it was a blatant attempt to that seemed like an advertising campaign to replace Name Redacted with this New Borat.  Due to the relationship between SZ and Name Redacted, it was quickly deduced that this was someone who was trying to interfere with that relationship, meaning that New Borat was paying attention to all of this as it was going on, and he had help.  The following emails came from a Gmail address, also containing a phone number that originated in probably the Colorado Springs area instead of Denver, where it should have originated from.   So Jay (our webmaster) was doubtful the following emails originated from the anti-gay Trump supporters, and at the time we said that we doubted their authenticity.  It was obvious that New Borat was following all of the information on our site, other sites, as well as much of the activity on the Periscope app.  New Borat seemed to be pursuing a relationship with SZ, however SZ and Name Redacted had developed a relationship, with Christopher asking me to put some distance between New Borat ever coming into contact with SZ.  Here, Name Redacted’s instincts were on point, the security consultant we contacted, said that New Borat’s preoccupation with SZ had gone on for a few years at the least.  He found very little to tie New Borat to the anti-gay Trump supporters, New Borat may have have used the anti-gay Trump supporters as a means to get where he wanted to be, close to SZ.  To be clear, we have no involvement with this New Borat, we are very uncomfortable with his his knowledge of us and with the terminology in which he refers to us, us includes Name Redacted.  From what we understand from the security consultant we contacted, New Borat has probably used social media to coerce information out of others.  While we don’t believe he is as disturbed as he would like to portray himself in his writings, we have been advised that he is determined.  Also since it was also pointed out us that he is is viral in, an internet since, with quite a track record for being a spectacle, we will just have to ride this out.   For the sake of transparency, the security consultant we contacted is a longtime friend of SZ’s brother, who did a background check on me before SZ’s family took me into their home, his name is Justin.  Further transparency, Jay, our webmaster, is my partner.

This has caused us to review some of our practices.  We aren’t exactly active on social media, we’ve mostly thought it is narcissistic, we have never used it to promote the bands or projects we are involved with.  We do have a Slack Channel for Films Crew, which we have restricted following an incident by someone acting on behalf of a Periscoper who I refer to as That French Bastard, in which nudes of me were published on Alt-Right forums.  To which I say, I want control over my content, if you want me nude, you usually don’t have to ask, I’ll put that content here.   It seems most of the strange problems we encounter arise from from the Periscope app whether we’ve used it or not.  I’ve had an interest in following Alt-Right political propagandists on Periscope, however, these aren’t mentally stable people, and it seems inhumane to watch them for comedy’s sake, because they have obvious mental issues.  They don’t appear to have jobs, pushing pseudo philosophies on white supremacy and drama, constantly infighting with each other. There was one Periscoper I was curious about, who wound up being so damaged, mentally frail and wrapped up in conspiracy theories, that I only occasionally check in on him to see if he is coping any better, and he’s not.  There are very very few people on Periscope that don’t have mental issues.  Anyone who picks up that app and starts rambling on incoherently, is doing so for one reason, the narcissistic instant gratification of attention.   SZ and I were both blocked by a woman, who went to great lengths to worm her way into SZ’s life yet during her Periscopes she took it upon herself to say some really derogatory and untrue things about him, SZ never uttered a negative word about anyone.  I, on the other hand will be blunt when it calls for it, though I barely said a word to her, even after she accused me of being involved in high school dramatics, an irony which falls flat on it’s face.  I don’t know how her behavior can be justified, although I draw parallels to her and the Alt-Right propagandists in terms of her mental stability. People have to stop using their mental disorders as excuses for their behavior, they may have a mental disorder, but their behavior is a choice. It’s not behavior that can be justified, but those who find a way to justify it are just further enabling it.

Band issues as they are, have been resolved.  SZ, I can’t say, his issues aren’t with the band.  He has naturally had trust issues with me since our break up, these issues are well founded, and the breach of his trust is something I live with everyday.  He made me want to improve myself as a person, and it’s something I strive towards each day.  People don’t change unless they have a life altering experience that calls for it, what I put SZ through, and how I witnessed it, what I lost with him was a life altering experience.  It’s easy for some of you to sit in judgement of me over it, assuming I’m constantly in a state of confusion about to cause a catastrophic state of affairs, it’s simply not the case, and to those few please realize, you aren’t living it, you haven’t learned from it.  I was truly blessed to have SZ and his family as my  family, to think that I have not learned a great deal from my mistakes would be ludicrous.  I can’t speak for SZ, because he’s not mine any longer, as much as that pains me.  It’s disturbing that Nathan will still turn up on this site and they to take matters into his own hands, when he set out to tear us and the band apart at the beginning, assuming he has some power over us is simply ridiculous.  SZ was the most rewarding relationship I could have ever asked for in my life.  I can only trust that the person who SZ would allow to speak for him has resolved things with SZ as he indicated to me that he would.  SZ often referred to himself as a novelty, unfortunately more times than not it tended to be true, I have been really disturbed by the way people have wondered into his life, used him for they needed, then turned their backs, professed loyalties and love only when it was convenient for them, expecting him to always be there for them, being who he is, he always has been.

There are some people I want to thank for their reassurance and friendship which I value greatly, Name Redacted, Amanda, Ann, Joey, and the band.  Shawn if you’re out there I miss you the most. (not because you wouldn’t give me the info from SF), You’re absence is unbearable


This is a preview, Crying To  Crisis 2nd Version
SZ wrote this for Name Redacted

From the front page HERE


I’ll keep updating this update, throughout the week. I’m going to review some of the finer points of the take aways from the last fews weeks,  updating any new information, and I’ll be answering a few of your questions.  What seems to be on your minds out there, is how are we doing without SZ?  Some of us aren’t without him, all of you, however are.  He has taken himself offline for the time being, it was a personal situation that I have explained below, (please re-read).  We are hoping the situation gets resolved, but to my knowledge, the individual who caused the dilemma, is passively-aggressively leaving SZ in a limbo of hurt.  I can’t explain this properly, because I don’t wish to hurt this individuals feelings. I understand all of you want answers about this, we don’t know how some of you are aware of this, and that the individual can log in to this site and explain himself. SZ won’t see it because he is taking time away from the site, so he will have to deal with SZ on his own. We wouldn’t normally think this was an elaborate game that was played out over several months, I don’t think that is the case, but the individual in question needs to fix the damage that’s been done, he is the reason SZ withdrew himself from the site, is taking a break from the band, and is offline.  Short answer, a guy said he loved SZ over a period of several months, somehow hurts him, then ghosts him.  It sounds cruel, but there is more nuance to it than I’m able to give it.   Some of you have asked how we are dealing with this, we are waiting the situation out, we are hoping for the best, this individual asked us to believe in him, reassured us, we have no reason to believe he is a sociopath. I, in fact hold him in highest regards  I don’t know where and how some of you know more than we do about all of this, or if what you know is accurate.  I’m not upset with the individual who caused this, I am trying to understand why.  He hasn’t given me the details of any of this, nor did SZ.

He can login here, and change anything I say, or erase it all, or HERE
(which Jay re-designed for him).

The other thing I don’t have a clue how some of you know more about than we do is the upcoming limited edition release, we have said very little about it, although we’ve streamed edited versions of the songs here.  What do I know that I can tell you, It will be a 180 gram Japanese vinyl pressing, double album, and will contain at least nine of the 17 tracks we recorded, and are still recording, this is all fluid at this point because it is a conceptual work.  Everything was written by SZ and myself, and it will contain a couple of surprise items.  It had a working title, although that has changed.   We know very little about the release at this point, our corporate overlords do.

We haven’t scheduled any dates for the summer due to a few factors, with no thanks to our new administration, visas for quite a few bands headed out of the States have been extremely difficult to get, (the same for bands coming in).  We had intended to take time off after last year’s tour, that time off never materialized between conflicting schedules, family situations, schools, etc.  Lastly I am undergoing treatments for complications during something uncovered during a tonsillectomy.  This is not to say appearances won’t happen, though we’ve had no time to devote to new visuals.  Our focus at the moment is on recording, music seminars and resolving all of the issues and tasks that have arisen around us.

Some of you asked if we read all of your email, well, we can’t if it’s not in English, and sometimes there is too much of it to handle on our schedules, we always appreciate it.  Some of you asked me about my coming out, it is what it is, it was about a word and the stigma associated with it, I never lied about it, I was obviously in a very public relationship with SZ for a few years, and yes, he was worth it and is the best, and I ruined it, (see below).  It was just about a word, what’s your excuse?, why aren’t you out?   Some of you have asked whether SZ is as thoughtful as he appears on stage, in writing, etc., or if it is a character of some kind, actually he’s unimaginably better than what you get on stage, through music, or words, one thing I am sure of is, that I will never meet or connect with someone of his pure love and brilliance again in my life, I’m unbelievably grateful to have had him in my life, anyone would be.  We have never presented ourselves to all of you as some sort of characters, we are who we are, we’ve never been interested in being personalities, Films Crew has never been about that, it has always been about the music and an aesthetic, and sending those concepts out into the world to see how we can make a positive impact, it has never been about our gratification, we just don’t have the egos to be in that part of the industry, we try not to involve ourselves in or be the product.  We know sometimes that is unavoidable, so we are as transparent as possible.  Finally, someone asked if I go back and re-write earlier updates, yes I do, everything I write has some finer points to it, there are often times where I am trying to communicate something to someone in particular in the context of a broader point, and I’ll refine that point.  I sometimes struggle with writing, how I stay true to my bluntly unfiltered personality, without falling over myself in making several points, thank all of you for encouraging me.  Re-read my last updates below, because they will have changed.  I’ll update this too.

Re-read applies to HERE and HERE

Face your demons

Crying To Crisis Lyrics
Step by step it’s moving on…  Can’t get a place…  Hold on…  Sleep in me…  Wake up in you…

Born in you…  Inside your eyes…   The path is clear so don’t be afraid…  Sleep in me… Wake in up you

Stay clear…  Stayand feel…  I see you… I see you…  Same feeling… I’m nearby…   I’m nearby you…

shawnzone of filmscrewband boyfriend of christopher reyher

Come home

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