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As some may have noticed Shawn is no longer here, it was Nathan Nevitt that saw to this this.  Nathan has been engaging in a thing most people call Fraud, he may not be able to help this being the huge fraud and perpetrating the huge frauds he has.  Nathan Nevitt pressured, and pursued, and kept pressuring Shawn into accepting marriage proposals, the thing is Shawn is a person of his word, Nathan is what his own mother, Ginny Nevitt would call a con-artist.  Nathaniel has told various personality disordered stories about being held down and held back, this is not the truth, Nathaniel Taylor Nevott did all of the holding down and holding back, of the best I had since six years of age.  The perseverance  of Nathan Nevitt’s lies are only surpassed by his ability to abuse who he married, and Nathan’s own narcissism and ego, but what are these mechanisms for?  These things hide this truth and that belief that Nathan can do as he pleases with no consequence.  The statement, “I will not be held down or held back by anyone or anything ever again”, is a statement of a thing called irresponsibility, a person who cannot keep their word, even though they’ve sworn to.  Nathan is surrounded by enablers who reinforce this behavior.  Thing is, the statement; “I will not be held down or held back by anyone ever again” is as delusional as the Aaron Housos statement to Shannon Leto of 30 Seconds To Mars; “Wrestling is an art form, the music industry is a blood-sport”.  Aaron never branched out into the areas of abuse that Nathan Nevitt has.  And while the borderline disorder type mental fugue state that Nathan has become, he went to great lengths to get Shawn’s hand in marriage, Nathan’s abuse of this caused a great deal of damage that none of us will soon forget, the thing is Nathan is of the belief that abuse makes a person grow, which is not a psychological truth, it is a thing to dismiss his own abuse.  Nathan is responsible for the damage he has left in his wake. I just check my Lexis Nexis alerts.  Nathan Nevitt does not know there is a difference between telling the truth, and libel, slander, or defamation, things he is engaging in, as if the the things he has already done are not illegal enough.  I am waiting for Nathan to prove me wrong, there are more eyes on Nathan Nevitt than he knows  -Levi

No, Nathan Nevitt is not a modal, I have been this thing, represented by the Ford Agency, it is a mindless thing, I have preferred photography work for them, also mindless.  Shawn has done these things as well.  Models do nothing, it is a thing that requires no skill or talents, which is why I do things that require skill, talent, and challenge.  A model is not something to aspire to be, and with Nathaniel’s complexion, a thing that wouldn’t happen. A modeling career in pornography is something that won’t happen for Nathaniel because of his Peyronies disease.  I know Nathan isn’t visiting this website that he does own the majority of, but he can’t escape it.

I would like to know if Nathan Nevitt thinks his abuse, fraud and human rights violations have been worth what ever the thing he is trying to accomplish, it is not a symptom of mental illness, it is mental illness, which Nathan does not get to get away with, he knew he needed help, that makes Nathan Nevitt’s crimes premeditated. The thing is, they are all crimes. Until he proves otherwise.  -Levi Wall

Nathan nevitt is a fraud who is married, levi wall is a model

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