A Communique from Anonymous

The world you thought you grew up in does not exist. It never did. The illusion is failing a bit more everyday. Some will fight to the death to defend the lies because they cannot accept that their entire foundation was built on a lie. Others try to drown what they suspect deep down with endless distractions trying to ignore the symptoms all around them.when you break down complex systems to simplified blocks of commodities, when you regard the world around you as resources to be consumed you lose the plot. These are the ideals of weak men, weak men are dangerous never to be  trusted.  Weak men will consume the strong in a suspension of disbelief of illusion.  These weak men are predators.  The plot thickens.

Peyrony (Films Crew Band Collective) have at the last moment decided to change the name of their upcoming release. As well have made a joint Films Crew Peyrony recording available featuring the entirety of Films Crew Collective. They uploaded an edited version clocking in at almost 22 minutes.  It is called He Said It Was Nothing, It will not be up for long and can be downloaded HERE.


It is dedicated to Shawn as many are weak who have not put that effort forth.

 More HERE (Anonymous answers emails)

shawnzone of filmscrewband belongs to christopher p reyher


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About Levi Dennis Wall

Levi D Wall, the often opinionated though well meaning bassist for FilmsCrewBand and one of the core original members. Levi is frequently found immersed in video editing and film classes. His own recording project is Predator Band.
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