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The New York State Legislature is considering a bill banning Anonymous online speech. NY State Legislature Link HERE.  This in effect would ban Anonymous.  This would be censorship.  The Anons who maintain this website will not negotiate with politicians. or others suffering from Unwarranted Self-Importance. This bill has been proposed by Thomas F. O’Mara, the initial confusion occurred as Sen. O’Mara was not listed as being a member of the State Assembly. Visit Sen O’Mara HERE.  Sen O’Mara rode into the New York State Senate in 2010 with the rest of the Tea Baggers who want Big Government OUT of their business (dealings) and Suppressing Your Civil Liberties.  While Sen O’Mara drafts legislation which Violates The First Amendment To The Constitution, Sen O’Mara of course enjoys his Second Amendment, Yours, not so much.  Sen O’Mara is proposing all social services, i.e, Medicare/caid, Planned Parenthood, Food Banks, be erased from the earth, Sen O’Mare produces no alternative suggested as to alleviate the need of, Anonymous can safely presume that Sen O’Mara may indeed be involved in some type of mass extermination of his New York State Constituants, the logical conclusion of Sen O’Mara’s Time Cube, is to Take Your Anonymity, READ: Privacy, while Exterminating People who have fallen between the societal crack, (While Sen O’Mara holds Bibles, it would be unlikely he has read one of them.  As with all of 2010 Tea Baggers (co-opted Republicans), he will be funded primarily by the banking interests who now control the Tea Baggers, these House Members, State and DC are puppets Wall Street, The Koch Brothers, Karl Rove, FOX News(?). while instilling an unnatural fear of George Soros in the masses.  As Anonymous is aware, since this issue has come to light, Sen O’Mara’s team of crack H4x0rs (staff) will be armed with Google, likely finding this entry on the internets.  Sen O’Mara,  Films Crew Collective is aware of this update to their website, On behalf of Skip Walker, Kurt Vogl, Nathan Nevitt, Shawn Zone (currently comatose), Aaron Housos Wall James Gregs, (we don’t know), Chris Sweeney, Logan Harris, Nate Cytanovic, Aaron James, Nik Turner, Jay Nein, and the rest of Films Crew Collective. “Sexist, Racist, Anti-Gay. Right Wing Bigots Go Away”.  Anonymous would like to point out that elected officials can and should be recalled in egregious situations like these. Sen O’Mara it should be remembered that the Federalist Papers HERE were authored by Anonymous.  My name Sen O’Mara?, the other Anons have not given their consent to be named, I am Tyler Durden.

We and Anonymous  We Are Legion  We do not Forgive  We do not Forget  Expect Us!


Nathan Nevitt 2012 Peyronies Disease

Nathan Nevitt opens up about his case of peyronies. The penile curve is nearly 90 degrees erect as we see here.  Nathan Nevitt forced Shawn Zone Walker to marry him. Nevitt put Shawn Zone in a coma

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