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I am not Aaron. There is a picture of me further down this page. I have never met him nor do I want to. I have nothing to do with him and I never want anything to do with him. I am nothing like him

how dreams can make everything better when nothing else can.

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Art of Nathan Nevitt Teapot for ShawnWhen the dream started I was locked in a castle esque tower and did not know how I was going to get out when, out of nowhere my boyfriend, Shawn, showed up at the window and freed me by helping me down onto the roof and down to the ground. Then we were in Shawn’s backyard, only it wasn’t just his backyard, it was ours, and it was being completely re-done starting from the dirt up and it was done before I realized where I was. We then walked into the house through the double glass doors. The room we walked into was an wide, round, open room that had a high ceiling with lots of window space and led to the front of the house, where there was a beautiful curved staircase. I followed Shawn down the hallway to our bedroom, it was the first door on the right just before the bathroom, and he said he needed to get dressed because for some reason he was in only his boxers. At this point Shawn looked rather depressed, I thought to walk up behind him and put my arms around him, but for some reason I decided against this. I thought that maybe it would be better to leave him alone for a little while. Just next to the room I entered from the backyard was the kitchen where two children, brothers, sat with Shawn’s mother, The Mum, at the table eating macaroni and cheese for lunch. The older boy was about ten or eleven years old, and the younger one was around five or six. These children weren’t strangers, they were ours as well, we had adopted them when the younger boy was a baby. The older boy had plans for the day to go to a carnival with friends, it was a sunny summer day, but he had to eat his lunch before he could leave. When they were done eating the older boy jumped up from the table and started running around getting ready to go to the carnival, he then called his friend and ran out the front door waving goodbye as he went. The younger one finished just after his brother and also jumped up from the table and ran to play with his toys in front of the T.V. in the adjoining room while The Mum, smiling, cleared the table. I loved seeing my boys healthy and happy. This was overall a pleasant dream except for the part where Shawn was upset, I wish I knew what that part meant.

Nathan Nevitt "I am way more attractive than Aaron HousosThere is a big difference between me and Aaron -Nathan Nevitt


Aaron Housos Wall James Gregs (He never gave a last name)
An Anonymous Communique for and to Anonymous Love pl0x
Nathan Nevitt finds a big difference between he and Aaron of disputable surnames.  What is this difference? Examine please.  Answer please, It is remarkable how similar Nathan and Aaron are.  Some say Nathan Nevitt is a more affective copycat Aaron with no soul.  Anonymous wishes to be fair in this observation.  What did Aaron do that Nathan didn’t?,  Nothing. The Anonymous Hive Mind rejects this concept, in fact it is a system error. On closer examination it is clear that Nathan premeditated an Aaronic Order Effect, the result, something Aaron, (or most non human rights violators) could not conceive. Purposely putting their husband in a coma. You are correct Nathan Nevitt, you are nothing like Aaron. Anonymous can only wonder what it is like to be Nathan, Anonymous would like to know how you live with yourself. Likely Aaron wonders the same.  Aaron appears much more aesthetically pleasing.  We are Anonymous  We are Legion  We do not forgive  We do not forget  Expect Us!

pl0x Nathan Nevitt face the damage

About nathan

Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed Shawn Zone Walker to marry him in a house of God. Resulting in him trying to use Shawn as his personal ATM. et al. After Nathan Nevitt's abuse and the abuse of his family Ginny (Virginia Lies) Nevitt and Daniel Nevitt, Shawn was found comatose, by Nathan Nevitt. Nathan Nevitt fired Shawn's long-time coalloborators Aaron Housos James and Levi D Wall, also forbidding Shawn or Levi to communicate. Nathan Nevitt is also on record for taking over the Films Productions bands, ANNONXN and Films Crew, of which he would be the vocalist, keyboardist and front man, he is not. Nathan Nevitt believes that he is a fashion model, he is not. Nathan Nevitt retains a small fortune in jewelry, clothes, and whatever else he conned Shawn out of. This site refuses to say anything negative about Nathan Nevitt, these are just facts
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