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Post Christopher P Contestants Recap

  Posted by Tom While I have to address the obvious, FilmsCrewBand has not broken up, the Limited Edition Vinyl Album was just released, and we still don’t know exactly what the title to it is.  As I understand Aaron … Continue reading

Post Christopher P Recapping The Recap The Shawn Contest

  Posted by Tom Document modified by Tom 10-26, document modified by Jay 10-26 Last time we discussed the canceling of FilmsCrewBand’s Fall schedule dates, the Discord Server and Slack Channel being put on hold, however I might ask the … Continue reading

Recapping The Recap (Remember Your Promises) Undoing The Christopher

  Posted by Tom To all of you subscribed and members of the subscription section of the site, this contains some extraneous information that wasn’t addressed there, since outside information is not going to be discussed there.  For now, the … Continue reading

Recap The Christopher Dilemma

Posted by Tom Morris Films Crew has canceled their appearance at Mondo Festival, formerly The CMJ Music Marathon, and other fall appearances until further notice. I wanted to make some clarifications about the current situation, some of the feedback we … Continue reading

Regarding The Christopher Situation

  Posted by Tom Morris Since Aaron is only barely updating the Members Only section of the site, although I’m sure he or Levi will post something publicly, eventually, Amanda isn’t touching this, and is not pleased.  But there are … Continue reading

Regarding The Current Dilemma

Posted by Tom Morris As it stands, nothing is confirmed from Cameron Reyher or Christopher Reyher, or from Shawn or the rest of Films Crew as well.  What we are going to do is take a deep breath.  We all … Continue reading


Posted by Tom Morris Update Nik Turner + Kurt Vogl + Management The Peyrony Cult of Abercrombie Cult of Death CD is available for a now for download for a limited time.  Peyrony is not engaging in music on that … Continue reading


Capt Nathan didn’t steal Christmas, (or did he?) He received his own Yamaha Signature Series (NN1) from Shawn as a Christmas gift, with a Guitar Force Humbucker, and 2 Parker Design custom wrapped Dimarzio Pickups, Wilkinson bridge, active switching, hand … Continue reading


Posted by Captain Nathan Nevitt, (Edit of  Tom Previously), Tail Gunner Key, The Aaronic Order, The Left Wing Conspiracy, The Gay Agenda, The Alien Indoctrination, It will be Edited + updated throughout the month. Updated by Tom  It has been … Continue reading


ART Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt What is it really? What does it take to be an artist? What qualifies you to make any judgements about what is and isn’t art? Unless you know what it takes to create … Continue reading


Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt My thoughts are with you SZ. I love you, you are my world. Forever Shawn wrote me a song ANNONXN  annonxn-nathan-nevitt-the-song.mp3