Regarding The Current Dilemma

Posted by Tom Morris

As it stands, nothing is confirmed from Cameron Reyher or Christopher Reyher, or from Shawn or the rest of Films Crew as well.  What we are going to do is take a deep breath.  We all realize Cameron felt he could not use his actual name Christopher, and things had gone so far, that he began to identify as Cameron Reyher to Shawn, since Christopher Reyher is likely closeted.  I have not spoken to Shawn or Aaron about this matter, I know Shawn is far too hurt, and does not care about the issue of Christopher Reyher’s name.  From what he posted, it seems there may have been a misunderstanding, and it is possible that Christopher Reyher is to afraid at this time to communicate with Shawn, however this needs to happen, as Levi says, it is Christopher’s responsibility. There is obvious a love that transcends the name issue with Shawn and Christopher.  As for Aaron, he probably just doesn’t know what has happened, and of course will forgive Christopher, as I’m sure Shawn has. I know that Shawn loves Christopher more than I’ve known him to love anyone, and we have to remember how understanding he is, or how he has never made any type of negative statement about anyone, even me, and I’ve tried his patience quite a few times, but Shawn was always there for me, he never wavered. Nathan can cease with his comments.



Tom Morris spokesperson for FilmsCrewBand on the Name Redacted identity scandal

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