Recapping The Recap (Remember Your Promises) Undoing The Name Redacted


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To all of you subscribed and members of the subscription section of the site, this contains some extraneous information that wasn’t addressed there, since outside information is not going to be discussed there.  For now, the FilmsCrewBand Slack Channel and Discord Server are not going to be available until some internal issues with the band are resolved, no it is not conflict.  The site is also going to go through a redesign, I don’t have the details as to when this will be taking place.   Aaron has yet to provide a complete update, for which he would like to express his apologies, his mind is very occupied with Shawn’s well being, and none of us understand what happened with Name Redacted, we are hoping that can be resolved, that he can get the help he needs if he needs that, it’s obvious he needs something.  I would like to know why Name Redacted  is supplying Daniel Lukas with far more interesting photos, if that is his crotch shot, why does Daniel Lukas have that?

When I said I would update, I had know idea you people needed content so often, and such specific content, some of your questions are none of your business.  I still regret to inform all of you that FilmsCrewBand has canceled their Fall appearances, namely Mondo Fest, formerly known as CMJ Music Marathon.  While I usually have their schedule, we’ll discuss what may or may not be occurring in the near future. It’s reaching a level of absurdity when the questions of these Periscope people, (I’m presuming with good reason) reach the level of the Europeans, (the actual audience). This is intriguing since no one from Films Crew was going to broadcast anything anywhere without their record label’s approval, and I can’t fathom how Periscope people would suddenly be interested in the sex lives or politics of anyone in Films Crew.  This Name Redacted  Effect has had odd consequences.  And, no, I don’t know what consequences Name Redacted is prepared to deal with, we’ve had no contact, I know little about him other than he is the reason Shawn disappeared from virtually all contact, made no statement, only an abstract final posting that gives us a look inside of his torture and his commitment to Name Redacted.  We haven’t seen the same from Name Redacted.  I don’t know if they have spoken, no one knows why Name Redacted decided to blockade Shawn after claiming to love him, in which case it is truly Name Redacted’s loss, there are many guys lining up to take his place.  It seems like Name Redacted gets some enjoyment out of punishing Shawn over Name Redacted’s mental state, (He should see a therapist).   Unfortunately, Shawn can be Shawn, he loves from his heart, and those who can get access to him love him with their hearts too, I’ve never met a soul like him, and likely never will again.  I’ve read some of the truly bizarre conspiracy theories regarding this, and knowing Shawn’s contact list, I’m sorry to tell all of you, they are just conspiracy theories, except one surprising item Aaron alerted me to, which I find conspiratorial considering the politics of the individual involved, but looking at it beyond that I hazard to guess.

For the last time, Daniel Lukas is not joining Films Crew, from what I gather he doesn’t want to.  At this point, from what I know, the band members have no contact with him at this time, there is no animosity or hostility, just no communication although there is the means to.  And as these things go, I was alerted to some possible update to one of his websites, in which case I was told to post a hasty update to make sure their was an official remark on the record about it.  However, I have no clue what Daniel is talking about, though I did recognize some handwriting in a picture he posted, which was alarming.  It’s unfortunate that we have to address such things, though it is warranted, regardless if I don’t understand any of the meaning of his latest thesis.  If I were to hazard to guess, it was written for someone else, it’s a personal dialogue to someone having to do with Christopher.   There is a lot packed into whatever Daniel is trying to say, so it is wise to take some time deciphering it before coming to conclusions, even without knowing all of the construct, Daniel is obviously trying to say something important, I’m just not quite sure what it is.  All of you must understand I have had no contact with Daniel, I just consider him to be a possible upgrade for Shawn.  I am not sure if it is the Frenchguy1 angle I am supposed to be concerned with, since Daniel seems determined to address the issue of his name.  However that is a tiny fraction of the dense metaphor, or non-metaphor he has presented.  We are examining it, that will take time.  It is interesting to note that Daniel has more presentable photographs of Christopher.  I’ve never been here to insult Christopher, but really, he’s claimed to be a part of Films Crew, a protective umbrella, if you will, and he gives Daniel better photos?  Boggles the mind. I of course don’t agree with what Christopher has done, and can he please rectify all of that already, he was blatantly abusive,  Is he waiting for us to applaud his behavior?  How in denial is this guy?  I’m getting impatient and I don’t like my friends hurting, I won’t stand for it.  We’ve discussed Christopher P Reyher enough below, and I still can’t understand the utter disregard to someone he claimed to love.

I have no idea what to make of some of this political jargon from the Periscope people.  Sure Aaron’s part of the New Right, the Alt-Right, it’s been a secret the entire time.  Aaron’s conservative libertarian struggle amongst his far left of center socialist bandmates.  Aaron is now out of the closet again as New Right, Alt-Right Conservative Libertarian, (albeit Aaron can’t be a racist because he is gay, take note).  I don’t know who is going to take that seriously outside of some of the emails tossed at me by people who wouldn’t ordinarily email the site.  I’m going to assume these are Periscope people, as they seem to be a perpetual source of strange amusement.  Here’s my problem, I don’t know who any of you Micro Celebrities are, or who you think you are, Read:  Micro Celebrities, if that, no one knows who any of you are.  For instance, I have a vague idea of what a Frenchguy1 is, I’ve heard a lot podcast type things of sounded like a drunken threatening and abusive husband on a tirade, who has appointed himself some leader of Periscope, a lot of ‘Life Goals’ there.  Why this site gets email about or concerning him is something I nor the band understand.  If was supposed to some sort of anonymous entity he should have tried harder, and that’s truly not our business.  Some of you people are scared of him, from what it sounds like that’s a good strategy, stay with that.  If he’s threatening to sue some truly bizarre character for trying to find his identity, while hiding behind an L.L.C. on You Tube, take him at his word.  When he comes up against a major label and publishing company, things wouldn’t work in his favor, but I’m here to tell you, we just don’t care. Here’s my problem, the only interesting person on Periscope is a woman who goes by Witless X, freely shares her name, and she’s like going to a lecture, compelling content.  The rest of it, oh my, no fashion sense, ungroomed, unkempt, on drugs, no skills, and ironically white nationalist libertarians who are sucking off of ’The System’ they want to get rid of.  Too funny.  Michael Philosopher, if you come across the update, your You Tube channel you insist we watch is not there, your emails consist of words thrown in a blender, and no you can’t block a Cameron channel, because Cameron doesn’t exist in the way you think he does, Michael, it’s as  complicated as your choice of stringing words together.  I don’t know who any of you are, and let’s keep it that way.  If it’s Name Redacted you’re interested in, I don’t have any answers, I’m not addressing his sexuality or his being in denial about it, however he wanted a website and he has one it is right, (if he ever gets around to updating it, I’m not holding my breath, and if he dares drag this Bitch or anyone in this band, I’ll read him to filth in a way he won’t ever forget) WEBSITE HERE.

Bringing me to Shawn.  We haven’t spoken, he has not left the band. I’m sure he grappling with Aaron’s position as part of the New Right, however, as I understand it, there is very little communication between them at this time, or Levi.  Shawn’s been hurt, it happened publicly, so all of you trying to grasp the situation, it would be impossible for you to understand, because no one in the band does.  I don’t know where Shawn is, we are all concerned about him.  I’ve really felt like Name Redacted has been trying to punish Shawn due to something within Name Redacted, we are all quite aware that Shawn did nothing to hurt Christopher.  So here’s my proposition, since I’m out of the loop on whatever Daniel Lukas is doing, he looks the part for sure, however let’s find Shawn a new boyfriend as a surprise for him.  I’ll lay out some qualifications, aside from if you would like that gorgeous blonde above to bite you, (and who wouldn’t), and you are between the age of 19 and let’s say 27, slim, fit, and athletic, I’d say taller than 5’6” to 6’1” or so, dark blonde to medium brown hair, (he said he never be involved with a bleach blonde ever again), clean shaven, (yes that includes the undercarriage, or at least well man-scaped), deep expressive eyes, (he likes that), a button nose, (he likes that), he does like some body hair, but not a lot, if you’re uncut that would be a plus, (he likes that), let’s say you look somewhere between Daniel Lukas and Grant Gustin, or Dylan O’Brien Now on the mental part of the requirements, you need to be mentally sound, (there has been enough sociopathy and drama, he can’t deal with it).  You’d need to be passionate about some intellectual pursuits, politics, policy, cultural development, philosophy, psychological exploration. You shouldn’t be too shy, because he is. You should be able to survive without being a slave to social media, (he’s not into it).  You must also be genuinely caring compassionate and loving. You should be well mannered.  You have to be someone who his prepared to have those all night conversations that can last into the next day.  You should have some education, preferably employed, with some taste.  You will also need some stamina.  So you guys that fit that set of criteria, email the site, send your pictures and a rundown of yourself.  Let’s find a new boyfriend for Shawn.   He’s dreamy, you be dreamy too.



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