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Posted by Tom Morris

Films Crew has canceled their appearance at Mondo Festival, formerly The CMJ Music Marathon, and other fall appearances until further notice.

I wanted to make some clarifications about the current situation, some of the feedback we got called for that.  Let’s get business out of the way first.  There are rumors of the new FilmsCrewBand album’s title, from what I know, the title hasn’t been ever mentioned, nor is it explicitly noticeable, it’s on the album, however the album is in sections and is meant to be listened to as one long piece of music.  The afterthought of this idea was Episode 8 of Twin Peaks The Return, and if I understand this correctly, a recurring dream Shawn had after seeing it, which was the cause of some changes in the inserts, hence the delay in the release.  It was a limited edition release, at this time I can’t comment on any further runs of the release.  Films Crew were booked for some Fall appearances, however they have been canceled, currently Shawn’s whereabouts are unknown.  His final words are not easily decipherable and close attention needs to be paid  when reading them.  Aaron, Levi, nor Andrew are currently not updating the site due to the current dilemma, which has Amanda impatiently and angrily tapping a finger.

How all of this came to be has not been fully explained, and I am missing some details, though it begins with Name Redacted.  He first appeared on the site, asking for his own website on the site, however he lied about his name, he was also using this assumed name developing a friendship with Aaron, and a very intimate relationship with Shawn.  Name Redacted somehow got an unusual amount of access to Shawn from the Periscope app at a particularly vulnerable point in Shawn’s life.  Name Redacted blocked Shawn’s phone after he found out Shawn had been alerted that Cameron  was in actuality Name Redacted .  Along with this infantile behavior, amp Redacted then blocked three of the band members on Twitter, he then proceeded to try to explain himself with a text message no one believes he wrote due to the vast amount of inaccuracies in it, which Aaron has referred to as ’The Name Redacted  Manifesto’, which was not an explanation to anyone’s satisfaction.  Shawn had to inform the band’s management of what transpired, what Name Redacted didn’t understand but he probably does is that artists have contracts with their management, who in turn have legal representation due to the amount of other contracts that have to be dealt with.  The band’s management knew about it before Shawn did due to an email someone who knew Name Redacted sent to the site, it was Shawn’s responsibility to tell the rest of the band.  In turn the band’s management required Shawn to hand over all of his personal data, so an inquiry of sorts could go on, the band has had access to this data as well.  Shawn didn’t do anything wrong here, that’s never been up for debate, nor will it be.  Name Redacted on the other hand did something very wrong.  Aside from the personal damage, according to the ‘Name Redacted  Manifesto’ he and a woman named Krista Kumpf defaced this website, which is ironic considering that Name Redacted was granted a share of the site, Name Redacted also has the pesky problem of fraud to deal with.  What I fail to understand is how Name Redacted could tell Shawn he loved him and wanted to live with him, only to block Shawn’s phone when Name Redacted found out Shawn knew his name, apparently that wasn’t an issue with Shawn, it is with the rest of the band.  I, for one would like to know who Christopher sleeps at night.  According to Name Redacted’s own ‘Manifesto’, he blames Shawn for all of his behavior, how is that?  There’s no remorse or apology in Name Redacted’s ‘Manifesto’, and it’s factually inaccurate, so there is debate over whether he wrote it.  ‘Name Redacted  Manifesto’ is simply not sufficient enough of an explanation.  Humility doesn’t seem to be a quality Name Redacted possesses.  As I’ve said before, there are a lot of boys that follow Shawn around, and the ones who can’t have him write ‘Manifestos’ and make their threats, when Shawn will have been nothing but kind to them.

Some of you have asked what it is that Name Redacted actually does.  Apparently he is a Periscoper.  Periscope is an app where people broadcast themselves, however there is sadly very little talent on Periscope.  Name Redacted does political Periscopes that devolve into him yelling at whoever disagrees with whatever point he thinks he is trying to make.  Periscope is also an app where people like to troll.  In Name Redacted’s Periscopes he’s an alleged liberal or democratic socialist, however due to his behavior he is now a liability for the left.  So it could be said that he picks fights with people over the internet, something Democrats need to avoid.  Aside from Periscoping, I certainly wouldn’t know, I’ve had no contact with him.  As I understand it there are multiple Periscope accounts that belong to him, so who knows.  His name actual name was first mentioned on Periscope last December by the ‘not so anonymous’ Frenchguy1, according to Aaron, when Aaron asked Name Redacted who Name Redacted was, Name Redacted denied being Name Redacted, so Aaron kept thinking Name Redacted was Name Redacted.  The band did not out Name Redacted, the band was unaware that Name Redacted was Name Redacted until July 8, however that information had been  readily available on the internet for quite some time.  The band did have to do the responsible thing and issue a statement due to the fact that Name Redacted had misrepresented himself on the website, that’s a legal problem, in fact Name Redacted had completely misrepresented himself.  I don’t know how this affects his Periscope career.  According to message from Aaron, as he understands it, Name Redacted was last known inquiring about legal advice to someone from Philadelphia.  What is seems unusual to me is something else Aaron mentioned to me, in which as he understood it Christopher possibly is of the belief that Periscope broadcasters are all playing characters, of course this seemed a little fantastical to me, until Aaron pointed out that these broadcasters, were shall we say fragile mentally, which could mean that Name Redacted (his brother), was actually a character done by Name Redacted on Periscope, although this doesn’t explain why he would carry that charade to such an obscene extreme when off of the app with Shawn, which according to Name Redacted’s ‘Manifesto’ was all an elaborate hoax, something Name Redacted had previously sworn that it wasn’t.  Name Redacted  was without a doubt the pursuer of Shawn, and he went to some extreme lengths to get him where he wanted him, I don’t think an elaborate hoax was what Name Redacted had in mind, I think someone else was influencing Name Redacted’s decision making, and I also think Name Redacted panicked when he understood Shawn had been informed of his name.  That is when Name Redacted blocked Shawn everywhere including his phone.  If Name Redacted think we are supposed to applaud his unexplainable behavior of leaving pain and chaos in his wake, or that he is somehow unaccountable for it, he is sadly mistaken.  Really, blocking Shawn’s phone and having a ‘Manifesto’ written, is Name Redacted a drama queen in middle school?

Of course as to your questions about Shawn.  We are still unaware of his whereabouts, which has become an increasing point of concern for the band, and his friends.  He has been through a great deal in the past year and a half or so, Name Redacted obviously knew these things, so when Name Redacted chose the time to get painfully dramatic, Shawn was driven to close himself down, he in no way deserved this.  I know Aaron misses Shawn and doesn’t like the uncertainty of this predicament, nor do the others close to Shawn. they are angry, so am I.  I remember meeting Shawn in high school, I had to have him, he made the world make more sense, he’s someone I wanted physically, but the way he is you love him with your heart and he loves you with his.  I was so sure that I had infuriated him so many times, but he was always there as a rock for me, make no mistake about it, I got out of hand several times just being his friend, but losing him was so much more of a frightening thought than talking him through doing the right thing, he inspires that in people. he is so understanding.  Of course we never dated, but we became something other than just friends.  Aaron and I developed a unique situation as well, he’s a deeply warm hearted and humble person.

The band had to issue a statement about all of this, it was their responsibility.  Shawn did not issue any kind of statement, he posted what he was experiencing after the person he trusted the most blocked his phone after being found fraudulent, Shawn is obviously still experiencing a great deal of pain, I wouldn’t expect anything less.  From what I understand from Jay, the site is getting an unusual jump in North American views, (it’s usually exclusively European), and by the email they’ve received, it seems to be over this Periscope nonsense, this has caused Aaron, who is already feeling completely betrayed to stop updating, barely focussing on the members section of the website.  According to Jay, the strange  recording of Frenchguy1 is getting a great deal of attention, it’s not like anyone gave out his California Bar number, yet.  Oh not so anonymous Frenchuy1, my my my Periscope is so dramatic, so much intrigue.  Now that some of you Periscopers are here, I had to educate myself.  I’m sorry but I’ve only found four of you, (at tops) interesting or informative,Name Redacted certainly isn’t one of them, nor is Frenchguy1, or Shipped, or any of these people who think they are celebrities, (most are sociopaths), however Christopher is why some of you are here, and I hate to disappoint you, but we aren’t going to be disparaging Christopher here, he has to be explained only in terms of his presence within the confines of the band and his involvement with Aaron and especially Shawn.  Christopher will have to give his own explanations to you, which will probably differ radically from the truth, the truth is here.  More truth will be forthcoming if Name Redacted doesn’t give a complete explanation to the band, because his actions hurt them, and a better explanation than this fabricated ‘Manifesto’ he sent to Shawn.  I truly do not understand how or why Name Redacted would get so involved in Shawn’s life under an assumed name, gain his confidence, keep telling him he loves him only to block Shawn out of his life the day Shawn found out Name Redacted’s name.  Something Shawn wasn’t apparently as disturbed by, however Name Redacted’s other actions were highly disturbing and abusive.  We understand that Name Redacted is scared due to what he has done, however he does know Shawn and how thoughtfully Shawn would handle it.  I’ve never gone out of my way to sabotage a relationship, especially with someone who would have cared for me like Shawn cares for Name Redacted, if I had done such a thing, I would be petrified, however not being a sociopath, I would have to make explanations for my behavior, ask for forgiveness, and make the situation right again.  Shawn is not the type of person anyone wants to lose.  Name Redacted has to make a lot of explanations to a lot of people.  Name Redacted does have his own website he asked for, he can start there, but some of his explanations will have to be a lot more personal than that.

As for questions about Daniel Lukas, he is not joining Films Crew, he has not been in touch with the band beyond their initial contact, he has not cut them off either, from what I understand, he feels a great deal of remorse for not letting Shawn and the band know that Name Redacted was actually Name Redacted, when he first contacted the band, he was apparently trying to respect Name Redacted’s privacy and let Name Redacted reveal himself, however that never happened, much to Daniel’s frustration.  Daniel has made a full confession on his websites.  Aaron is completely perplexed by this, as Name Redacted kept telling Aaron that Daniel was dangerous, and that Shawn needed to take out a restraining order against him, aside from the legal difficulties that would arise out of that, it seems that Christopher understood that Daniel knew who he was, although from his website that Name Redacted directed Aaron to, Aaron had no idea what Daniel was going on about, only that he had a band.  Daniel was very creative in his approach to the band and the website, to say the least, we now understand why, which he has apologized profusely for, (although he says two of the emails from the Periscope ‘personalities’ Gays for Trump were actually from them).  Name Redacted managed to get Aaron worked up into a frothy lather over Daniel, knowing how protective Aaron is of Shawn.  Daniel is a law student, openly on the autism spectrum, who did buy Shawn coffee, had his lawn taken care of, and it seems gave him a fidget spinner.  Daniel did admit to being drawn to Shawn, which would have been interesting, they would have made a really cute couple.  As I understand it, Shawn wasn’t in agreement with the way Daniel handled things, due to the way Shawn feels about Name Redacted, and Daniel knows how Shawn feels about Name Redcated.  Personally I feel like Daniel would have been a definite upgrade over Name Redacted, but Shawn would say I was being superficial about Daniel’s looks, and he would be right.  Although Daniel just seems more responsible.

I will be trying to update more frequently.  I understand all of you want your usual Aaron updates, and I apologize in advance for not having his philosophical way of getting an update across.   I apologize that there is no further information on Shawn, and we are all very concerned.  I understand that most of the people who reading are here for FilmsCrewBand, European, and have their concerns with what has happened, and I will update that as I can, (this entire ordeal really disturbed Aaron, Levi, and the rest of the band), and those of you who are here because of Periscope, (a far fewer but persistent number), yes, this is the truth, (read below for more), and most of you should be seeing therapists.  There is some further band news I will get to in a few days.  I can’t comment on any ongoing investigations, the person who could stop them is missing.

This is so far from over. truth will win out, it would be beneficial to Name Redacted to publicly admit that truth, (he has a website).  I’ll throw all the truth out there, I’m one bitch who no one dares drag, Name Redacted can do his best, although he’s a middle school level drama queen who’s just afraid, he should be if he doesn’t face those he has hurt.  As Aaron would say he needs to “Face his demons”. It is somewhat psychotic to tell someone you love them then ghost them after almost a year, what should we believe exactly?


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