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Last time we discussed the canceling of FilmsCrewBand’s Fall schedule dates, the Discord Server and Slack Channel being put on hold, however I might ask the the Discord Server be brought back up due to all of the interest in my ‘Finding Shawn A Boyfriend Contest’.  We want to surprise Shawn with the best possible “Contestants”.  I thought I might add a few details to find the most qualified “Contestants”.  These would include Shawn has been through a really rough last year or so, and we need to be sympathetic to that, so compassion and understanding are a must.  He’s very reserved, (a total gentlemen), and shy, while he won’t stand for people dominating him, (he’s a top, could be verse), you will need to be somewhat assertive, to bring him out of his shell, in other words, you’ll have to bring up how you prefer to communicate to him about make of the “love”.  We really need to talk about manners and breeding here, it’s preferable if you come from a good family that you a a good relationship with, Shawn places an emphasis on family.  You must be dog and cat friendly.  You’re going to want to be a healthy eater because he is.  You’ll need to be up on current events, particularly politics and policy, (Aaron may be Alt-Right, but Shawn is definitely left of center, and hangs left too). You’ll want to be somewhat well versed in sociological, technological, and cultural news.  Mostly you’ll need to be honest, open, and warm, truly have a genuinely good heart.  While Shawn doesn’t know what I’m doing here, let’s keep it that way.  Some you who sent in pictures and notes have the right idea, but I want to know a little more about you other than what your penis looks like, nice to know most of you out there stay nicely groomed).  So once again, be good looking, I still think we should set the bar at Grant Gustin, Dylan O’Brien, or Dylan Spreyberry, look like you belong on Teenwolf, (he looks like that), ( think masc 4 masc), with deep eyes that can be stared into for hours.  Have yourself man-scaped, be between 5’7” and 6’1”, be comfortable with nudity, because he always is.  Like to cuddle, he does, that most of the time leads to other activities, so you’ll need a lot stamina.  Shawn avoids social media because it’s to dramatic, hopefully you think the same way.  Shawn avoids cameras, he doesn’t like his image out there, (He had most of the taken down from the site, and he always gets asked to model), though I have a few very recent photos, (It’s best to catch him sleeping).

I’ll get the finalists of “Contestants” paired down, and arrange phone calls, so make that phone sex intriguing, and I’ll try to arrange the actual meeting, I’ll pay for for it.  So keep those emails coming, be sure to include photos, (uncensored photos are encouraged along with head shots). contact information, and general interests.

To the people from Periscope, please don’t submit yourselves, unless you are not one of the mentally deranged people on that app, which should purge the “Contestants”.  Yes, exactly, sure, Aaron has become part of the Alt-Right, New-Right, whatever you loonies call it.  Let’s help Shawn get over the Name Redacted  dilemma, or whatever that is we don’t understand.  Be Shawn’s new boyfriend.


View the uncensored version HERE

I’m not answering Name Redacted questions today, I will update shortly.  I don’t know what’s going on there, He has a website,b ug him to update it, or unblock you or whatever it is he does, if he responds, tell him to get a personal groomer, and ask why he gives Daniel Lukas all the good photos. I would love things to work out between Christopher and Shawn, but Shawn’s blocked from everything last I heard, I really haven’t heard from Shawn, so we are have a “Find Shawn A New Boyfriend Contest”.

Name Redacted website is HERE (With streaming audio).


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