Post Vinyl Contestants Recap


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While I have to address the obvious, FilmsCrewBand has not broken up, the Limited Edition Vinyl Album was just released, and we still don’t know exactly what the title to it is.  As I understand Aaron might provide an update later this week, I don’t know whether this is for the subscribers or members, or public, however I’m sure he will be waging his ongoing battle against Antifa, or at least Daniel Lukas who has claimed to be the leader of Antifa, so let’s join and get some of that, (my boyfriend might object).

I must say that I have received some fine candidates for the ‘Get Shawn a New Boyfriend Contest’, but let’s do some fine tuning here.  Head shots are nice, however lots of nudity is encouraged, Look at it this way, Daniel Lukas has set a pretty high bar for that.  When I say look like you star on Teenwolf, please do, Shawn looks like it.  (Shawn says he doesn’t care about these things, I believe him, but we want to give him guys he won’t turn down, we want to wow him into submission).  Let’s get into some further personality traits you should have:  You have to be comfortable with yourself and your sexuality, I know we all have insecurities to some degree, but You will need to put some of those aside.  Keep in mind, Shawn’s very shy, so he requires some coaxing.  Be masculine, he is.  Be genuine, have a good heart, he does.  You need to be interesting, but you also need to be able to whip it out and get down to business at any given moment, he likes that.  You shouldn’t be dramatic or be leading any secret lives, like one applicant from Periscope who had a criminal record, we can’t have that sort of thing going on, you need to be truthful.  You should have a good relationship with your family, they will love Shawn.  Below are the Contestant Requirements, I am just looking for a few more candidates that Shawn won’t be able to resist.  For the finalists I will arrange some sort of phone meeting to see if things go well, so get into that phone sex, and we’ll determine on finals of the finalists how we will proceed on delivering Shawn’s new boyfriend to him.

While I keep hearing, “What about Christopher?”, I don’t know Name Redacted, or what’s going on with Christopher or Shawn, or Name Redacted and Shawn.  Name redacted blocked his phone and him everywhere else.  Don’t be that kind of guy, be intriguing, but not intrigue wrapped up as someone who is out to hurt others.  Why I am being asked about Christopher’s Periscope career is beyond me, how can that be a career?, I’m sure after he thinks it’s safe for him, (and it won’t be), he will resume yelling at people on the internet again under some other family members’ name.  He should stick to podcasting, but I don’t know if he does that, he’s too much drama for social media.  He’s got a website, you should tell him to update it, not me.  NAME REDACTED’s website is HERE

To the Periscope people, I don’t know anything about what you’re talking about, well, okay, I know some things about Name Redacted, but it’s not my job to inform you.  I don’t know anything about this Frenchguy1 except what I hear from the podcasts.  Michael Philosopher, you are gay, and the sooner you realize this, the better off you will be.  I don’t know anything about the Alt-Right, Aaron would.  I don’t know anything about Daniel Lukas, but he does seem like a Bob Mueller type investigator that’s sexy.

So guys let’s get the finishing touches on your “Be Shawn’s Boyfriend Contest” promotional packages.


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