why the fuck

do i need your forgiveness. am i the one who walked off, am i the one who said i’m done? no you did that. and when i try to reach out to you and fix this you say no thanks and that you can’t forgive me that easily. what the fuck?

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how could you…

act like this doesn’t hurt me too?

Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt


Posted by Nathan

Why i am having these doubts. i don”t know what to do about them either. i can’t hurt him by saying this or telling him about them. i know i love him 100% i guess i just have to work through this. i really need to see him soon i think that that is probably what is driving me so crazy. the fact that i can”t see him or know what”s going on or just being there for him while he is sick like this. i feel like i can”t be a good boyfriend because i am to inexperienced and really don’t know how to make a relationship work right.  i love him so much so why am i feeling this way. i feel so unimportant right now and i don”t even know why he is always telling me how much i matter to him and i know he loves me he flat out said he doesn’t even look at other guys anymore! he said we could adopt because he knows how much i want kids. he would probably live a happy life with out being a dad but he knows how important it is to me and is wiling to do this. what the fuck is wrong with me?! i don’t get why i can”t just be happy i have so much thats been given to me. i have an amazing best friend, an amazing family, and the best man in the world! what is wrong with me? i don”t even know why i’m doing this its not like i can tell anyone this stuff. whatever fuck it. i’m just gonna put all of this shit behind me. none of it matters. all that matters is that i love him and he loves me. thank you God for giving me such an amazing man to love, thank you for giving me a love like this. i have never felt this way about anyone before. no one has ever given me butterflies in my stomach or made my heart flutter constantly, or taken my breath away just because i’m thinking about them. i know i am so incredibly blessed i guess i’m just having an insecure moment. but i know what i have and thats an amazing, incredible, beautiful, intelligent, caring, very horny (but not obnoxiously so), open, honest, funny, creative, artistic, loving man. and i wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world. Thank You so much God!’, ‘Wondering’