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Who the hell do you think you are deciding who its okay for me to be with!!! Who the fuck do you think you are deciding wether or not I should talk to someone because you don’t agree with our relationship!!!! What the fuck do you think your proving? Do you really think that this is going to work? Do you think this will kill our relationship? How stupid can you be? To think that taking away my phone at night would harm our relationship in any way. I have other ways of talking to him, myspace, skype, on my phone during the day this is only a tiny little glitch. Your efforts will not make any difference. Nothing will kill this love! Are you really heartless enough to try?

About nathan

Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed Shawn Zone Walker to marry him in a house of God. Resulting in him trying to use Shawn as his personal ATM. et al. After Nathan Nevitt's abuse and the abuse of his family Ginny (Virginia Lies) Nevitt and Daniel Nevitt, Shawn was found comatose, by Nathan Nevitt. Nathan Nevitt fired Shawn's long-time coalloborators Aaron Housos James and Levi D Wall, also forbidding Shawn or Levi to communicate. Nathan Nevitt is also on record for taking over the Films Productions bands, ANNONXN and Films Crew, of which he would be the vocalist, keyboardist and front man, he is not. Nathan Nevitt believes that he is a fashion model, he is not. Nathan Nevitt retains a small fortune in jewelry, clothes, and whatever else he conned Shawn out of. This site refuses to say anything negative about Nathan Nevitt, these are just facts
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