Shawn I am so comfortable with you that i will always feel safe and at home with you. to be honest i kinda think of you as my home, not the house i’m living in. And i’m sorry that my issues here are affecting your life. And when i said hold it in i just meant sometimes i wanna just stand on the top of a mountain and scream about my love for you, its not the bad kind of hold it in. i love you so much.. i just wanted to say i’m in love with you and i want to be in your arms right now instead of getting ready for work. i really hope that you don’t think that it is to soon but if you do i will wait. i just really really want to be with you. i hate not feeling you next to me when i wake up and i know i never have before. i just kinda feel like there is something missing here now. i don’t know if that just totally freaked you out so i’m gonna go finish getting ready. i love you so much!

About nathan

Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed Shawn Zone Walker to marry him in a house of God. Resulting in him trying to use Shawn as his personal ATM. et al. After Nathan Nevitt's abuse and the abuse of his family Ginny (Virginia Lies) Nevitt and Daniel Nevitt, Shawn was found comatose, by Nathan Nevitt. Nathan Nevitt fired Shawn's long-time coalloborators Aaron Housos James and Levi D Wall, also forbidding Shawn or Levi to communicate. Nathan Nevitt is also on record for taking over the Films Productions bands, ANNONXN and Films Crew, of which he would be the vocalist, keyboardist and front man, he is not. Nathan Nevitt believes that he is a fashion model, he is not. Nathan Nevitt retains a small fortune in jewelry, clothes, and whatever else he conned Shawn out of. This site refuses to say anything negative about Nathan Nevitt, these are just facts
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