One of the guitars Nathan Nevitt had Shawn have built to spec for husband Nathan
Capt Nathan didn’t steal Christmas, (or did he?) He received his own Yamaha Signature Series (NN1) from Shawn as a Christmas gift, with a Guitar Force Humbucker, and 2 Parker Design custom wrapped Dimarzio Pickups, Wilkinson bridge, active switching, hand carved out of hard rock maple, with a modified Parker Nitefly neck. it’s a one of a kind.

Cpt Nathan Nevitt

After a few technical difficulties involving passwords and the like I am now able to login and contribute to this page again.  The first thing I need to do is to apologize to anybody and everybody that I have hurt with my recent actions.  I know that what I did was wrong and I am now trying to make amends for said actions and rebuild the trust that I so wantonly destroyed.  I am truly and deeply sorry for my actions and I ask forgiveness from everyone I hurt.  To SZ I am so sorry for what I did and I only hope that you can forgive me -Captain Nathan Nevitt

The Art of Nathan Nevitt Untitled My Peyronies in artWIKI
The e-mail I sent to Jay
Jay, I don’t think that Shawn and I’s relationship is any of your business.  You interfered with Shawn’s and my relationship. I decide and contribute to the website, it’s mine, my decisions.  It’s time for you learn that everything is. I told Shawn that last night and I meant it. That’s about as involved as I think you should be, you’re no one. -Nathan
P.s. I’m not firing you yet, but I can. so you can’t say anything, and not the truth, no one will believe you.I believe it was the right decision, Jay was just interfering and holding us back, Jay can consider himself fired.
Nathan Nevitt pursued proposed to and exchanged marriage vows with Shawn Zone Walker
An Anonymous Communique to and for calling all Anonymous Nathan Nevitt has been hiding amongst lies burying many truths. Nathan Nevitt has no respect for human rights, he put his own husband in a coma, after several marriage ceremonies which Nevitt pursued, then abused his husband. Anons it would seem as if this abuse had been persistent, i.e., Stockholm Syndrome, as our research indicates nothing to have caused such a violation of human rights.  Nathan Nevitt dishonestly holds 51% of a productions company he married into, in affect a fraud, a grifter, to whom human life has no value. It’s not a website that needs removing, it is the person that needs removing, the person is Nathan Nevitt
Love pl0x nathan nevitt do the right thing or be done pl0x nathan anonymous loves you, you love your husband in a coma

About nathan

Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed Shawn Zone Walker to marry him in a house of God. Resulting in him trying to use Shawn as his personal ATM. et al. After Nathan Nevitt's abuse and the abuse of his family Ginny (Virginia Lies) Nevitt and Daniel Nevitt, Shawn was found comatose, by Nathan Nevitt. Nathan Nevitt fired Shawn's long-time coalloborators Aaron Housos James and Levi D Wall, also forbidding Shawn or Levi to communicate. Nathan Nevitt is also on record for taking over the Films Productions bands, ANNONXN and Films Crew, of which he would be the vocalist, keyboardist and front man, he is not. Nathan Nevitt believes that he is a fashion model, he is not. Nathan Nevitt retains a small fortune in jewelry, clothes, and whatever else he conned Shawn out of. This site refuses to say anything negative about Nathan Nevitt, these are just facts
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