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Nathan Nevitt, I am way hotter than Aaron

The statement below was not meant to bring things to a grinding halt, it was meant to avoid the same kind inflammatory shot back here again. the libel practiced by say, Conwell, and let’s just use her as a verb or an adverb, maybe an adjective. I’m waiting for some kind of apology for her cracks, and it better be a big one.

I may or may not be updating several pages of this Aaron SHRINE, depending on the behavior of The Crew. We want to run a tight ship here


The Webmaster is not the commentator, it’s the maintainer, not the content decider but the translator, content falls to SZ’s family and reps, etc., and that envelope could be pushed, on the creative end, but not in response to internet terrorists. This is in response to Levi’s updated dialogue, that I agree with, and an interesting read.


If a cell phone rings, a lot of people want explanations and acts of contrition, this is where you don’t have the upper hand A+. You have a log in here, your password is the same. In other words A+ you have no bargaining power considering what you put so many people through. Several people are waiting for explanations for damages that you think is healthier to forget. Aaron fired Jay, embarrassed a record label, ruined a career, not to mention what we’ve never brought up here, on a site that you own half of. A background check is for criminal records, please don’t include us in anymore of your psychosis. Now we’ll do what Jay likes.

We just keep ‘SHRINING’
Off ‘Shrine building’ What an ego, Aaron, for a terrorist. Jay IX

Lieutenant Levi’s interesting exasperations will now be found buried


The below, I just happen to agree with, as I am sure anyone else would be

Thus the Godhead spoke, as Aaron is the center of all life and universes revolve around him and shrines erected to him, (in his imagination). What are past things should be left, as if these things never happened. This Godhead sounds like the George Bush Legacy Tour. As infallible of a thing as both of them could be, it is the Godhead who created his universe, and others make things like mistakes in that imaginary world, where there are long lasting real world consequences. Thus leaving the Godhead freedom from things like his own lies and actions even if they cost others. I raise you a Conwell, your gift that kept on giving. Check that attitude before you know what’s being recorded, which God thing are you exactly? And who are you to say much of anything?, thing is how desperate a thing.


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Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed Shawn Zone Walker to marry him in a house of God. Resulting in him trying to use Shawn as his personal ATM. et al. After Nathan Nevitt's abuse and the abuse of his family Ginny (Virginia Lies) Nevitt and Daniel Nevitt, Shawn was found comatose, by Nathan Nevitt. Nathan Nevitt fired Shawn's long-time coalloborators Aaron Housos James and Levi D Wall, also forbidding Shawn or Levi to communicate. Nathan Nevitt is also on record for taking over the Films Productions bands, ANNONXN and Films Crew, of which he would be the vocalist, keyboardist and front man, he is not. Nathan Nevitt believes that he is a fashion model, he is not. Nathan Nevitt retains a small fortune in jewelry, clothes, and whatever else he conned Shawn out of. This site refuses to say anything negative about Nathan Nevitt, these are just facts
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