Coincidentally a communique to Aaron Housos James Wall Silverstein (unknown surname). from Anonymous.  Anonymous has made Films Crew Collective members aware of your latest musical offerings obviously uploaded by you as Aaron Housos Synopsis Misfire. While Films Crew Collective have relayed their surprise, Chris Sweeney. has relayed to Anonymous on behalf of Films Crew Collective, that it would be advantageous if they could receive the Aaron Housos raw data as they would assist in mixing and post-production.  We are unclear of your cell phone photo upload intentions. Anonymous

New Aaron Housos Synopsis Misfire Track Dogfight Style Download HERE


Aaron Housos Wall James (unknown surname) uploads new Synopsis Misfire track + very interesting photos for Anonymous or unexplained reasons. Aaron is a Homosexual, this   could be meant for a former boyfriend.  Up to speed Aaron Housos Wall James Stienowitz. Why do this now.  Anonymous

We have a large collection of logs, phone logs, video, and other evidence of the grift, fraud. then accompanying harassment campaign you contributed to. Either back up your claims or don’t make them. You’ve already lied about who you are and accused us of of the crimes you committed.  Our message will never be shut down, you can try to silence us..but I promise the results will be the very last thing you want.  You Will Never Silence Our Message. We Are Legion. We Are Everywhere.  Nathan Nevitt let us hear your message, the truth, not the fantasy propaganda campaign you launched to convince others of the lie perpetuated by you.  Nathan Nevitt, We Are Anonymous. We Are Everywhere, Knowing Everything.

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