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Recapping The Recap (Remember Your Promises) Undoing The Christopher

  Posted by Tom To all of you subscribed and members of the subscription section of the site, this contains some extraneous information that wasn’t addressed there, since outside information is not going to be discussed there.  For now, the … Continue reading

Regarding The Christopher Situation

  Posted by Tom Morris Since Aaron is only barely updating the Members Only section of the site, although I’m sure he or Levi will post something publicly, eventually, Amanda isn’t touching this, and is not pleased.  But there are … Continue reading

Regarding The Current Dilemma

Posted by Tom Morris As it stands, nothing is confirmed from Cameron Reyher or Christopher Reyher, or from Shawn or the rest of Films Crew as well.  What we are going to do is take a deep breath.  We all … Continue reading