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 It has been 1,512 Days awaiting the long over due apology from Victoria Conwell + her Operatives. Aaron Housos gift that keeps on giving, He knows her, we don’t. Did someone say Roman Polanski?
Nathan Nevitt Untitled Cocoon of Peyronies
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Nathan Nevitt claims spot as vocalist in Films Crew Band and ANNONXN
Fake it until you make it. Posted by Tom Morris

To all my haters, back off. I may be plastic, but at least I’m acrylonitrile styrene. I leave for several weeks, and I’m all over the internet. I didn’t know I was a damn corporation.I better trademark soon. ***On a side note, Jay’s work on the WordPress is amazing. It looks fabulous. Good job. Also, a shoutout to Shawn, I miss. your advice and support it is priceless.

Aaron Housos James is concerned about your mental health. (Who knew)


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