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Posted by Tom Morris

Since Aaron is only barely updating the Members Only section of the site, although I’m sure he or Levi will post something publicly, eventually, Amanda isn’t touching this, and is not pleased.  But there are some strange emails to address, some business to take care of I’m a model, not a musician, so bear with me, I have been referred to as The Spokesmodel for FilmsCrewBand, a title I’ve been happy to take for the last few years.  The limited edition vinyl double album for FilmsCrewBand did ship, it was sold out well before it shipped, as of yet, no one has the actual title to it, not that there haven’t been some good guesses.  Those of you who have it, will be receiving a follow up package.  Thanks to those who came to The Paley Center event, although I have to admit all of the Christopher Reyher questions were a bit much.  And no, I haven’t met him, he’s not the type of person I would ever like to know, ever.  There has been some discussion about a text message Christopher sent Shawn, which Shawn in turn sent to Aaron, who has been sharing it.  Aaron has titled Christopher P Reyher’s text message ’The Manifesto’, so it will always be referred to as ’The Manifesto’ or ‘Christopher P Reyher’s Manifesto’, and of course I have it, and I will say it is a ‘Manifesto’ however I don’t believe it, or that he wrote it.  I’ve known Shawn since high school, there’s little about him that I don’t know.  The ones who can’t have him write ‘Manifestos’, sometimes the ones who can’t have him try to turn the situation back on Shawn as it is his fault, it never is, and that is somewhat of what has happened here, however Christopher P Reyher pursued Shawn and if this is true, he would have been leading him on for nearly a year, which would indicate Christopher has some psychological problems.  What really happened here, is Christopher P Reyher blocked Shawn’s phone after Christopher discovered that Shawn had been told that Cameron Reyher was not his name but his brother’s name, by a friend of Christopher’s who got in touch through the site.  Christopher P Reyher’s Manifesto didn’t even bother to address the all important fact that for nearly a year of telling Shawn he loved him, Cameron was not his name.   Then the website started getting broken into and getting defaced, Jay and his team just weren’t having that and turned the matter over to the New York City Cybercrimes Division, which led them to the FBI, it will take some time for them to do their investigation, but it looks like someone in Chicago will be getting a visit from the authorities eventually since it is a federal crime known as The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  Christopher P Reyher’s ‘Manifesto’ does reference these break ins, however ‘The Manifesto’ keeps referring to Krista Kumpf being innocent, perhaps she wrote ‘The Manifesto’.  It also pleads to keep Christopher’s family out of it, I don’t understand that, Christopher was using his brother’s name, he brought his family into it.  I for one hope his family have read everything on this website, it likely won’t matter because the Reyher family will be aware of everything, as I understand it, I think the band’s management have already filed some type of charges against Christopher on Shawn’s behalf, even though Shawn was against it, Shawn then disappeared, ironically he is the only one who can stop the charges from being pressed.  This hasn’t been an atmosphere where the band can celebrate the release of their album.  Just imagine someone who you talk to daily who says they love you, texts you after you have found out they were using their brother’s name instead of their own, and be told you couldn’t say anything about it.  Shawn left his last words on his section of the site, (which someone tried to take down), they are quite moving.  Unfortunately Christopher Reyher can’t be moved and is some sort of heartless monster.  What was rich were Aaron’s archive of texts with Christopher, in which Christopher was asked who Christopher was after some Periscoper, (Frenchguy1) had already given the game away last December, and Christopher denied it.  I am sure Aaron plans to publish those texts, Aaron feels betrayed, but more importantly he is angry that Christopher did this to Shawn, to put it bluntly a lot of people are angry that Christopher did whatever this yet to be named psychological disorder is to Shawn.  Whoever this Krista Kumpf is needs to have her head examined thoroughly if she condones Christopher’s behavior.

Now to answer some questions we’ve received or been asked about Christopher P Reyher’s contribution to this catastrophe that he brought upon Shawn, Aaron, the band, not to mention himself.  First of all, I have had no contact whatsoever with Christopher, I just don’t see him as the type of person I would come into contact with, he’s not NYC, let’s leave it at that, I don’t want to be insulting.  Michael Philosopher keeps emailing the site, (I don’t think his last name is Philosopher, he claims he is a social media guru, who’s YouTube channel is no longer available), I hate to break it to Michael Philosopher, but there is no Cameron, Michael can keep thinking there is a Cameron, (there is but not the one he thinks), Cameron’s name is Christopher P Reyher.  Most of the email we get from Michael Philosopher is utterly nonsensical, although for some reason he has an axe to grind with Christopher, and somehow knows Aaron, and thinks that the band’s management demanding Shawn to hand over all of his data after we learned Cameron Reyher was actually Christopher Reyher, somehow equates to theft, no, that’s a security precaution, a guy uses his brother’s name, tells him he loves him for nearly a year, then blocks his phone and comes up with a ‘Manifesto’, stalker or a mental case is the first thing on their management’s mind, let’s get real.  Michael Philosopher wants to know Christopher’s new Periscope channel so he can block it, and that is an amusing shower thought, which family member will Christopher Reyher name himself after on the internet next?  He could be anonymous, but that worked out so well for that Frenchguy1, didn’t it?  He could keep using the name Cameron, but that will require some explanation to the people who know him as Cameron now that it’s really obvious he is Christopher, and while I’m not really caught up in all of that, he’s not going to have an audience, nor is he going to be a voice for liberal politics because of his fraudulent nature, those Alt-Right trolls look for any excuse to bring the left down, in Christopher P Reyher they have a reason.  It could be possible that Christopher P Reyher was never a liberal,  Christopher P Rehyer as @cameronthegreat, Borat, (whatever all of those other periscope accounts are about) is low hanging fruit to get recruited by the Alt-Right, who get all of their talking points from Russia, (if you are keeping up with that in the NY Times.  Christopher though all of his lying could just be a provocateur on the left, he’s not good  voice for getting that maniac out of office, Christopher P Reyher is a liability for the left.

Some of you have asked what has Shawn’s reaction to all of this been, why hasn’t he done anything, etc.  You have to imagine what it was like for him, he was lied to by someone who said they loved him, wanted to live with him, and when it was revealed that he was lying about his name, Christopher blocked his phone and had a ‘Manifesto’ written, meaning Christopher P Reyher doesn’t want to deal with what he’s done.  In Christopher’s ‘Manifesto’ he seems to insist that Shawn puts things about his family on the site, which if Christopher would have written it he would have known that wouldn’t be the case, here’s where things get interesting, Christopher knows details about Shawn, therefor he would know Shawn has no login to the main part of the site, and only updates his part of the site, which is something he has done reluctantly and not very often.  Shawn left a parting message, read it, let it sink in, there’s a lot in there. Then Shawn just left, we are concerned.  Aaron or Levi haven’t heard from him, neither have I.  What Christopher is referring to in his ‘Manifesto’ is an entry by Levi, in which extracted text messages from Shawn’s phone were put. Christopher P Reyher’s Manifesto talks a lot about the “Innocence” of Krista Kumpf, the entry has to do with Krista Kumpf blocking everyone in the band on Twitter and Periscope after trying to connect with them, not to mention some very unkind things she said about Shawn on Periscope, so if we are to take a step back, we are supposed to understand that Krista Kumpf can do whatever damage she pleases and we are supposed to applaud, when it looks like Krista Kumpf broke into this site and defaced it.  In Shawn’s text messages, (which we all have now thanks to their management), Christopher says that Krista is a liar and unstable.  In the Christopher P Reyher Manifesto, he refers to Krista as not being manipulative, when in his previous texts he makes the point she is.  It has been pointed out that this is how Krista Kumpf wanted everything to play out, the problem is, Krista Kumpf knows nothing about Shawn, Aaron, Levi, or anyone in the band and who they associate with, or how protective the people around Shawn are of him, he inspires that in people, he is a rarity, this is something that undoubtedly Christopher knows, and something Christopher is so in denial about that he wants to destroy it.  I’ve seen these boys that follow Shawn around, they want him, if they can’t get their way they try to turn on him, and it always ends in failure, Shawn will have always been kind to them.

Some of you have asked about Daniel Lukas.  I have not met Daniel.  I do know that Daniel was very cooperative with the band’s management and legal team about Christopher, and that he was cooperative with Shawn, Aaron, Levi, Andrew, and Jay.  Daniel made a complete confession of his activities involving this situation on his websites.  His approach to Shawn was unusual to say the least, however it wasn’t about Shawn, it was about getting Christopher P Reyher’s attention that his online identity crisis had been found out, Daniel’s approach to writing about this situation on his website was so obscure, that someone would have to know what they were looking for, however Daniel’s writing was getting a lot of page views.  Yes, Christopher Reyher did demand that Shawn take a restraining order out on Daniel, Christopher did convince Aaron that Daniel was a threat, it turns out that Daniel is a law student.  Daniel explained some of this to the band, that he felt socially awkward because he is on the autism spectrum, with a great deal of anxiety.  According to the texts Aaron shared with me, it was Christopher who alerted Aaron to Daniel’s website, which obviously Aaron didn’t understand, as he didn’t know Cameron was Christopher, Aaron is left defending Christopher unknowing he is not Cameron against Daniel who is trying to give Christopher a message, while at the same time at Christopher’s request, making sure Daniel never got anywhere near Shawn.  That is an interesting logic loop.  As it turned out Christopher put Daniel where he didn’t want him.  It is doubtful Shawn is talking to Daniel, but as it stands, we can all talk to Daniel now.  It has been asked if Daniel will be joining Films Crew, I don’t have an answer for this, as I understand it, Daniel likes to play Black Metal and has his own band.  The band’s management stopped sending out Cease and Desist requests to people writing about Christopher, unless they violate any DMCA rules regarding the band, who has a legal page for that HERE.

For those of you, (and I know you’re out there), for Shawn to have gotten an email from the site from someone who knew Christopher, (and that he wasn’t Cameron), that email had to go through several people.  From Jay’s team to the management team, to make sure it was legitimate.  When I’m pointed to an email which is asking the band if they know about some kept man in Hell’s Kitchen who’s internet career is ruined, I just presume that it is somehow Periscope related nonsense, the band isn’t going to know a kept man in Hell’s Kitchen who’s internet career is ruined, they don’t travel in those circles, I have access to a contacts database, so someone knows something about him, I don’t know how it matches up.  I’m not exactly a fan of Periscope, I’ve checked it out on the band’s account that is usually occupied by Shawn aside from two or three people, it’s an Alt-Right narcissist explosion.  All of these people curious about Christopher Reyher, well that’s Christopher’s fault, not the bands’.  When people noticed the site had been hacked, their curiosity grew, because it was very noticeable.  If Krista Kumpf wanted something taken down, or modified, she could have emailed the site, rather than giving people something to look at, it’s just drawing attention to yourself.  Why Shawn’s last entry was deleted is purely criminal, that would be denying him any say in this, something he still really hasn’t had, as his last writing is sheer stream of consciousness after discovering he had been deceived on the deepest possible level, it is doubtful Christopher would have denied him that, I doubt Christopher has given it the thorough read it deserves.  Christopher’s logins have not been taken away, however, he will have to contact Jay to get back into Coincidental Events, as he obviously gave his password to Krista Kumpf, so his credentials have been changed.  This site has always been run as a democracy, the band okays something before it goes up, or before it is taken down for some reason or other.  Christopher has complete access to his part of the site, he ask for that site, and it was paid for.  If I were Christopher P Reyher, I would start doing some quick writing, perhaps he can put his ‘Manifesto’ up there, however that would make him look like more of an abysmal human being than he is already perceived as.  In this world where perception is everything, Christopher Reyher is what?  I’ve heard he thinks he’s powerful, influential, intellectual, but by what metric?  Powerful? Influential? Intellectual?  Christopher P Reyher is a coward who blocks people on Twitter and blocks the phone number of the person he claimed to love for nearly a year, then has a ‘Manifesto’ written for him.  Where’s the power here?, that he can hurt someone?  Christopher should be giving all of this some second thoughts, as his actions are going to come back to haunt him with the force of an explosion.  It’s also been said that his parents will come and get the band, bring them on, I would look forward to that, they would be exposed to a lot of information about their son.  Aaron and Levi are still planning on paying them a visit with the band’s legal representative.  I would slink away in embarrassment if my father was named in ProPublica as a chief supplier of opiates.  Christopher Reyher brought all the controversy to this band, there is no other way he can spin it.  There is a reason people speak well of Shawn and the other members of this band, they are thoughtful, compassionate, and giving individuals, something Christopher took advantage of knowingly, hopefully he can explain his wanton mental behavior before an arresting officer asks him.  Christopher Reyher’s ‘Manifesto’ says he’s sorry, though this is not to be believed, as it blames Shawn for the way Christopher has felt about him, but more importantly, Christopher was caught in the lie of using his brother’s name, when he blocked Shawn, just hours before Christopher was expressing his love for him.  It would seem Christopher Reyher has a problem with misplacing blame.  I hope never to cross his path, I hope he never shows up in NYC, he wouldn’t have a pleasant experience.  Christopher P Reyher not only owes Shawn a better explanation, as well as the band, (who currently want him arrested), than a text message ‘Manifesto’.  And we’re going to see that he gets it.  Aaron will exact this one way or the other, he has even posted the emails he has sent Christopher as a matter of public record.  All of this time Christopher P Reyher is not blocked from his website HERE.

As for the people who have asked about Krista Kumpf, we know virtually nothing about her, however Daniel Lukas does, he describes her as vulgar, and a woman who preys on young men through the internet.  Certainly someone I couldn’t introduce my mother to, although perhaps Christopher can introduce her to his family, they are Floridians after all, (I was there 2 years ago for a print shoot, oh my, home of the uncouth).  In a compare and contrast, my mother loves Shawn, if she were to meet Krista Kumpf, she would be escorted out of the house, with my mother severely confused as to how a woman her thirties had only the ambition of preying on young men, apparently gay young men, if we are to account for Christopher’s severe denial. From what I understand, it is unlikely that Christopher’s family is not  concerned about what Christopher does as Aaron has pointed out, due to some incidents within that family where there is apparently no discipline.  Perhaps Aaron is correct when he mentioned to me that Christopher needed “Empathy Lessons”, as he certainly has none.  Everyone in Shawn’s life warned him about Christopher, and in turn Christopher defended himself that he loved Shawn, telling both Aaron and Levi he wasn’t an “Elaborate Game”, it turns out that he likely is, or is so in denial he can’t cope, so he destroys.  We want to make sure Shawn is quarantined from Christopher Reyher, wherever Shawn is, he is missing.  Unlike Christopher P Reyher, we miss him, we love him, we are very concerned.

Christopher P Reyher’s ‘Manifesto’ does state that it is expected to be seen on this website, then ironically asks for it not to be, therefor the logic prevails that someone wants Christopher P Reyher’s ‘Manifesto’ on this website.  However, Christopher Reyher is aware that he has a percentage of ownership of this website, so he is not as helpless as it is claimed here.  Whoever wrote that ‘Manifesto’ wants it to be seen, even though it is contradictory, and is factually incorrect from the events that occurred over the last year, and blames Shawn for the entire thing happening, when Christopher Reyher pursued Shawn.  We were told that Christopher Reyher would try to turn this all around on Shawn, good luck with that.  Christopher P Reyher is responsible for whatever happens to Shawn, the problem with that is that Christopher has a track record of irresponsible behavior.

FilmsCrewBand will not be appearing at The Mondo Fest (formerly CMJ Music Showcase) this year because of these events

I apologize for not being able to give an Aaron style update, embedded with philosophy, or a Shawn style update being enigmatic, I am on as their spokesperson, with a vague press release of activities.  I am proud to know the people in this band, Shawn has had a profound affect on my life, I owe him so much.  So does the ungrateful Christopher P Reyher.


Aaron’s Public Email 2 HERE

Shawn’s Last Words HERE

Christopher P Reyher’s Website HERE

christopher p reyher lutz florida

Christopher P Reyher misrepresented himself as Cameron Reyher, in a predatory move pursued ShawnZone from the Periscope app, lying to him about his name while claiming to love him for nearly a year, has a ‘Manifesto’


Regarding The Current Dilemma

Posted by Tom Morris

As it stands, nothing is confirmed from Cameron Reyher or Christopher Reyher, or from Shawn or the rest of Films Crew as well.  What we are going to do is take a deep breath.  We all realize Cameron felt he could not use his actual name Christopher, and things had gone so far, that he began to identify as Cameron Reyher to Shawn, since Christopher Reyher is likely closeted.  I have not spoken to Shawn or Aaron about this matter, I know Shawn is far too hurt, and does not care about the issue of Christopher Reyher’s name.  From what he posted, it seems there may have been a misunderstanding, and it is possible that Christopher Reyher is to afraid at this time to communicate with Shawn, however this needs to happen, as Levi says, it is Christopher’s responsibility. There is obvious a love that transcends the name issue with Shawn and Christopher.  As for Aaron, he probably just doesn’t know what has happened, and of course will forgive Christopher, as I’m sure Shawn has. I know that Shawn loves Christopher more than I’ve known him to love anyone, and we have to remember how understanding he is, or how he has never made any type of negative statement about anyone, even me, and I’ve tried his patience quite a few times, but Shawn was always there for me, he never wavered. Nathan can cease with his comments.



Tom Morris spokesperson for FilmsCrewBand on Christopher P Reyher Cameron Reyher identity scandal

I’m Back In Time

Posted by Nathan

I wanted to document this before I get a trim.


An Anonymous Communique

We hope when all is said and done, you can look at the facts as we lay them out and Connect the dots to reach the same conclusions we did.

We are Anonymous  We are Legion  We Do Not Forgive We Do Not Forget  Expect Us!
Nathan Nevitt should have. We control your domain,  Anonymous is here to help with any technical difficulties.  anonymous at this domain.  Anonymous loves You.


Posted by Tom Morris Update Nik Turner + Kurt Vogl + Management

The Peyrony Cult of Abercrombie Cult of Death CD is available for a now for download for a limited time.  Peyrony is not engaging in music on that level, they never intended to.

Individual Files HERE

Posted by Tom Morris (Thank you, Management)

“Out of Sync”
After a lengthy absence, comes many realizations…In order to keep it short, I’ve decided to mention only a few.
First of all, I’ve learned that no matter how much you care about someone, some people will always be self-absorbed, arrogant fools. Although I will not mention names.
Also, I’ve learned that we are responsible for what we
do, unless we are celebrities. I am a celebrity…therefore I’m not.
Furthermore, I learned the answer to that sixty-four thousand dollar question, “When is it ok to break a promise?”



One of the guitars Nathan Nevitt had Shawn have built to spec for husband Nathan
Capt Nathan didn’t steal Christmas, (or did he?) He received his own Yamaha Signature Series (NN1) from Shawn as a Christmas gift, with a Guitar Force Humbucker, and 2 Parker Design custom wrapped Dimarzio Pickups, Wilkinson bridge, active switching, hand carved out of hard rock maple, with a modified Parker Nitefly neck. it’s a one of a kind.

Cpt Nathan Nevitt

After a few technical difficulties involving passwords and the like I am now able to login and contribute to this page again.  The first thing I need to do is to apologize to anybody and everybody that I have hurt with my recent actions.  I know that what I did was wrong and I am now trying to make amends for said actions and rebuild the trust that I so wantonly destroyed.  I am truly and deeply sorry for my actions and I ask forgiveness from everyone I hurt.  To SZ I am so sorry for what I did and I only hope that you can forgive me -Captain Nathan Nevitt

The Art of Nathan Nevitt Untitled My Peyronies in artWIKI
The e-mail I sent to Jay
Jay, I don’t think that Shawn and I’s relationship is any of your business.  You interfered with Shawn’s and my relationship. I decide and contribute to the website, it’s mine, my decisions.  It’s time for you learn that everything is. I told Shawn that last night and I meant it. That’s about as involved as I think you should be, you’re no one. -Nathan
P.s. I’m not firing you yet, but I can. so you can’t say anything, and not the truth, no one will believe you.I believe it was the right decision, Jay was just interfering and holding us back, Jay can consider himself fired.
Nathan Nevitt pursued proposed to and exchanged marriage vows with Shawn Zone Walker
An Anonymous Communique to and for calling all Anonymous Nathan Nevitt has been hiding amongst lies burying many truths. Nathan Nevitt has no respect for human rights, he put his own husband in a coma, after several marriage ceremonies which Nevitt pursued, then abused his husband. Anons it would seem as if this abuse had been persistent, i.e., Stockholm Syndrome, as our research indicates nothing to have caused such a violation of human rights.  Nathan Nevitt dishonestly holds 51% of a productions company he married into, in affect a fraud, a grifter, to whom human life has no value. It’s not a website that needs removing, it is the person that needs removing, the person is Nathan Nevitt
Love pl0x nathan nevitt do the right thing or be done pl0x nathan anonymous loves you, you love your husband in a coma


Posted by Captain Nathan Nevitt, (Edit of  Tom Previously), Tail Gunner Key, The Aaronic Order, The Left Wing Conspiracy, The Gay Agenda, The Alien Indoctrination, It will be Edited + updated throughout the month.

Updated by Tom

 It has been 1,512 Days awaiting the long over due apology from Victoria Conwell + her Operatives. Aaron Housos gift that keeps on giving, He knows her, we don’t. Did someone say Roman Polanski?
Nathan Nevitt Untitled Cocoon of Peyronies
Captain Nathan’s Art Galleries, his latest creation can be found
HERE     HERE     HERE      HERE       HERE

Nathan Nevitt claims spot as vocalist in Films Crew Band and ANNONXN
Fake it until you make it. Posted by Tom Morris

To all my haters, back off. I may be plastic, but at least I’m acrylonitrile styrene. I leave for several weeks, and I’m all over the internet. I didn’t know I was a damn corporation.I better trademark soon. ***On a side note, Jay’s work on the WordPress is amazing. It looks fabulous. Good job. Also, a shoutout to Shawn, I miss. your advice and support it is priceless.

Aaron Housos James is concerned about your mental health. (Who knew)



Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt

What is it really?
What does it take to be an artist?
What qualifies you to make any judgements about what is and isn’t art?
Unless you know what it takes to create something, you should withhold all judgements.
Just a thought.

The Art Of Nathan Nevitt I Am Shawn's World As It Should Be


Posted by the Captain Nathan Nevitt
Art of Nathan Nevitt Untitled, I have peyronies disease BUT
The Art of Nathan Nevitt  I am Shawn's world, as it should be 

I am Shawn’s world as it should be


Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt

My thoughts are with you SZ. I love you, you are my world. Forever
Shawn wrote me a song ANNONXN
The Art of Nathan Nevitt Inside my mind annonxn-nathan-nevitt-the-song.mp3



Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt

I am not Aaron. There is a picture of me further down this page. I have never met him nor do I want to. I have nothing to do with him and I never want anything to do with him. I am nothing like him

how dreams can make everything better when nothing else can.

Posted by The Captain
Art of Nathan Nevitt Teapot for ShawnWhen the dream started I was locked in a castle esque tower and did not know how I was going to get out when, out of nowhere my boyfriend, Shawn, showed up at the window and freed me by helping me down onto the roof and down to the ground. Then we were in Shawn’s backyard, only it wasn’t just his backyard, it was ours, and it was being completely re-done starting from the dirt up and it was done before I realized where I was. We then walked into the house through the double glass doors. The room we walked into was an wide, round, open room that had a high ceiling with lots of window space and led to the front of the house, where there was a beautiful curved staircase. I followed Shawn down the hallway to our bedroom, it was the first door on the right just before the bathroom, and he said he needed to get dressed because for some reason he was in only his boxers. At this point Shawn looked rather depressed, I thought to walk up behind him and put my arms around him, but for some reason I decided against this. I thought that maybe it would be better to leave him alone for a little while. Just next to the room I entered from the backyard was the kitchen where two children, brothers, sat with Shawn’s mother, The Mum, at the table eating macaroni and cheese for lunch. The older boy was about ten or eleven years old, and the younger one was around five or six. These children weren’t strangers, they were ours as well, we had adopted them when the younger boy was a baby. The older boy had plans for the day to go to a carnival with friends, it was a sunny summer day, but he had to eat his lunch before he could leave. When they were done eating the older boy jumped up from the table and started running around getting ready to go to the carnival, he then called his friend and ran out the front door waving goodbye as he went. The younger one finished just after his brother and also jumped up from the table and ran to play with his toys in front of the T.V. in the adjoining room while The Mum, smiling, cleared the table. I loved seeing my boys healthy and happy. This was overall a pleasant dream except for the part where Shawn was upset, I wish I knew what that part meant.

Nathan Nevitt "I am way more attractive than Aaron HousosThere is a big difference between me and Aaron -Nathan Nevitt


Aaron Housos Wall James Gregs (He never gave a last name)
An Anonymous Communique for and to Anonymous Love pl0x
Nathan Nevitt finds a big difference between he and Aaron of disputable surnames.  What is this difference? Examine please.  Answer please, It is remarkable how similar Nathan and Aaron are.  Some say Nathan Nevitt is a more affective copycat Aaron with no soul.  Anonymous wishes to be fair in this observation.  What did Aaron do that Nathan didn’t?,  Nothing. The Anonymous Hive Mind rejects this concept, in fact it is a system error. On closer examination it is clear that Nathan premeditated an Aaronic Order Effect, the result, something Aaron, (or most non human rights violators) could not conceive. Purposely putting their husband in a coma. You are correct Nathan Nevitt, you are nothing like Aaron. Anonymous can only wonder what it is like to be Nathan, Anonymous would like to know how you live with yourself. Likely Aaron wonders the same.  Aaron appears much more aesthetically pleasing.  We are Anonymous  We are Legion  We do not forgive  We do not forget  Expect Us!

pl0x Nathan Nevitt face the damage


Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt


My heart is breaking, I’m slowly dying inside. I need you baby. I need to feel that your with me. I’m becoming numb to all of this pain, i don’t want to be numb. When your numb you can’t feel the good stuff either. I don’t want that. I love you so much Shawn. Your my world, my angel, my heart.


Posted by Nathan

Nathan Nevitt, I am way hotter than Aaron

The statement below was not meant to bring things to a grinding halt, it was meant to avoid the same kind inflammatory shot back here again. the libel practiced by say, Conwell, and let’s just use her as a verb or an adverb, maybe an adjective. I’m waiting for some kind of apology for her cracks, and it better be a big one.

I may or may not be updating several pages of this Aaron SHRINE, depending on the behavior of The Crew. We want to run a tight ship here


The Webmaster is not the commentator, it’s the maintainer, not the content decider but the translator, content falls to SZ’s family and reps, etc., and that envelope could be pushed, on the creative end, but not in response to internet terrorists. This is in response to Levi’s updated dialogue, that I agree with, and an interesting read.


If a cell phone rings, a lot of people want explanations and acts of contrition, this is where you don’t have the upper hand A+. You have a log in here, your password is the same. In other words A+ you have no bargaining power considering what you put so many people through. Several people are waiting for explanations for damages that you think is healthier to forget. Aaron fired Jay, embarrassed a record label, ruined a career, not to mention what we’ve never brought up here, on a site that you own half of. A background check is for criminal records, please don’t include us in anymore of your psychosis. Now we’ll do what Jay likes.

We just keep ‘SHRINING’
Off ‘Shrine building’ What an ego, Aaron, for a terrorist. Jay IX

Lieutenant Levi’s interesting exasperations will now be found buried


The below, I just happen to agree with, as I am sure anyone else would be

Thus the Godhead spoke, as Aaron is the center of all life and universes revolve around him and shrines erected to him, (in his imagination). What are past things should be left, as if these things never happened. This Godhead sounds like the George Bush Legacy Tour. As infallible of a thing as both of them could be, it is the Godhead who created his universe, and others make things like mistakes in that imaginary world, where there are long lasting real world consequences. Thus leaving the Godhead freedom from things like his own lies and actions even if they cost others. I raise you a Conwell, your gift that kept on giving. Check that attitude before you know what’s being recorded, which God thing are you exactly? And who are you to say much of anything?, thing is how desperate a thing.



Posted by The Captain Nathan Nevitt

Shawn I love you so much! Ahh why didn’t I see it before? We were meant for each other! Whoa i haven’t said that before. But i think it’s true, i hope its not to early to be thinking this. but this i feel like this bond is so strong. You make me feel stronger. I feel like i can trust you with anything and you wont use it against me or make me feel bad about it. You are so amazing! I still don’t feel like I deserve you but now I feel blessed and hopeful instead of worried and scared. I AM IN LOVE YOU WITH YOU
Nathan Nevitt  I love you Shawn


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Who the hell do you think you are deciding who its okay for me to be with!!! Who the fuck do you think you are deciding wether or not I should talk to someone because you don’t agree with our relationship!!!! What the fuck do you think your proving? Do you really think that this is going to work? Do you think this will kill our relationship? How stupid can you be? To think that taking away my phone at night would harm our relationship in any way. I have other ways of talking to him, myspace, skype, on my phone during the day this is only a tiny little glitch. Your efforts will not make any difference. Nothing will kill this love! Are you really heartless enough to try?


Shawn I am so comfortable with you that i will always feel safe and at home with you. to be honest i kinda think of you as my home, not the house i’m living in. And i’m sorry that my issues here are affecting your life. And when i said hold it in i just meant sometimes i wanna just stand on the top of a mountain and scream about my love for you, its not the bad kind of hold it in. i love you so much.. i just wanted to say i’m in love with you and i want to be in your arms right now instead of getting ready for work. i really hope that you don’t think that it is to soon but if you do i will wait. i just really really want to be with you. i hate not feeling you next to me when i wake up and i know i never have before. i just kinda feel like there is something missing here now. i don’t know if that just totally freaked you out so i’m gonna go finish getting ready. i love you so much!


why the fuck

do i need your forgiveness. am i the one who walked off, am i the one who said i’m done? no you did that. and when i try to reach out to you and fix this you say no thanks and that you can’t forgive me that easily. what the fuck?

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how could you…

act like this doesn’t hurt me too?

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Why i am having these doubts. i don”t know what to do about them either. i can’t hurt him by saying this or telling him about them. i know i love him 100% i guess i just have to work through this. i really need to see him soon i think that that is probably what is driving me so crazy. the fact that i can”t see him or know what”s going on or just being there for him while he is sick like this. i feel like i can”t be a good boyfriend because i am to inexperienced and really don’t know how to make a relationship work right.  i love him so much so why am i feeling this way. i feel so unimportant right now and i don”t even know why he is always telling me how much i matter to him and i know he loves me he flat out said he doesn’t even look at other guys anymore! he said we could adopt because he knows how much i want kids. he would probably live a happy life with out being a dad but he knows how important it is to me and is wiling to do this. what the fuck is wrong with me?! i don’t get why i can”t just be happy i have so much thats been given to me. i have an amazing best friend, an amazing family, and the best man in the world! what is wrong with me? i don”t even know why i’m doing this its not like i can tell anyone this stuff. whatever fuck it. i’m just gonna put all of this shit behind me. none of it matters. all that matters is that i love him and he loves me. thank you God for giving me such an amazing man to love, thank you for giving me a love like this. i have never felt this way about anyone before. no one has ever given me butterflies in my stomach or made my heart flutter constantly, or taken my breath away just because i’m thinking about them. i know i am so incredibly blessed i guess i’m just having an insecure moment. but i know what i have and thats an amazing, incredible, beautiful, intelligent, caring, very horny (but not obnoxiously so), open, honest, funny, creative, artistic, loving man. and i wouldn’t give him up for anything in the world. Thank You so much God!’, ‘Wondering’