• Christopher
  • I am aware that this is going to be a bleak entrance for my introduction to the the Films Crew Band, but it is also a needed one.
    The last couple of months have been what I think of as a tumultuous time but also a great time being that I just started school just turned 18, (becoming a so called grown up), but also in a less climatic fashion dealing with my first of many elections, and for better or for worse the outcome wasn’t fun but, the journey was smooth sailing for a myriad of reasons. And the biggest one was do to the unwavering love and hospitality of Shawn, who in my mind is what you seek only in your best fantasies and is a tribute to just how great emotions can be and those who know how to yield them.

Also in that same time period I met another group of people: these ones wreaking of nefarious, with a heart as black as coal, and for what I see as their most unforgiving sin their constant and cruel hearted attacks on my Shawn. But other than my personal dispute against them, here is my professional for a couple of reasons:
They don’t seem to have at least an elementary understanding of civics, they don’t seem to understand basic historical facts such as who were the first 5 presidents, the 10 amendments, but also something modern; that Reagan never balanced a budget which with hubris they give out their alternative facts, (but they’re not alone in that respect). But also simple economics: like a carried interest clause, the difference between a debt and a deficit, or claiming that free trade deals such as NAFTA and TPP are liberal ideas along with thinking that The Affordable Care Act is socialized medicine, (which is too foolish to even rebuke).

But their most wicked of assaults is their claiming to be gay men. Who in that process gave an insult to the human race and show just how cynical people can become. They often claim that they have been together for a couple years but it turns out that at least Patrick is married, being that he wears a wedding ring, and also that he left it on his FaceBook, while also being debunked by news sources and the people at Gay News Network, who just figured out that they’re not gays and also in the email they just sent us.

Which has led to their next crime which has been trying to black mail Shawn to write a false report about Gay News Network. They started off by claiming that he’s an illegal alien from England that has overstayed some kind of visa, (pretty much exploiting how un-sagacious their minds are and that they’ll play whatever cold hand they can think of). In another one of those emails they falsely claimed that I was a Hillary delegate of some kind, brainwashing people while also saying horrendously anti-semitic things about me, (which I thought was ironic being that I’m not even Jewish), but yet again it shows that they have no judgment or reason.

But the newest batch of emails is the most disturbing by far and it’s where I draw the line. Shawn is an amazingly caring person and does not deserve this, any one that has the pleasure to know Shawn often talks about how great of a human being he is and how he only wants to bring joy to people which often gets abused, and I’ll always there for him as he will to me don’t you ever forget that Patrick and Bobby.

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