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EXPOSURE IMAGES STORE Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed marriage to and exchanged marriage vows with Shawn Zone Walker in a house of God officiial ginny leis nevitt adulterers raise abusive sociopaths-Levi Wall

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From Jay Nein
Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, Ginny Leis Nevitt, Virginnia Nevitt, what ever it is that you go by, it is clear you are
looking for something on this website.  As the main webmaster logs are kept of our traffic, this website averages
some 40,000 unique visitors a month, over 80,000 in January due to new music and video being posted.
We are opening these doors to you Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, and will add content that will interest you, other people
are also interested, especiallay consdering the public way in which Nathan pressured and abused Shawn.
Mrs.Ginny Nevitt, we have had our share of stalkers, and are currectly in the process of going through the
court system to for damages from another woman attempting extortion.  We wouldn't think you as
Mrs.Ginny Nevitt are attempting extortion, even if in a documented (recorded) phone call with Daniel Nevitt,
Daniel Nevitt thought it Nathan Nevitt's duty to clear an entire house out of possessions, or burgulariize it,
this recording of Daniel Nevitt can easily make it's was onto the web, over 300 copies of it have been distributed,
those are being red-distributed, this won't help your divorce efforts that we have heard about, nor will the libel
you have been engaging in, we have dealt with your element of society before, with the legal system.
Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, Nathan Nevitt owns over half of this website even though it is controlled by Warner Chappell,
(Warner Music Group).  In compliance with the RFC and WC3 standards, this site's submission is public and
can be viewed in 2 formats, Warner Music Group approved. Site Submission 1 and Site Submission 2.
This sites Legal Document is available from every page. HERE, This site is not only Verified, but sponsored by
Google HERE,and HERE, Yahoo, HERE, HERE, HERE, Bing (MSN) HERE, but Alexa HERE, Lexus Nexus, should I
go on with Legal Certifications and Verifications? Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, this far from the only website I am the
Webmaster of, it is how I earn a living, if I am not transparent in the way I take care of a website, it only
revlects badly on my. Nathan Nevitt does indeed own 67.5 percent of this website, he can lie about that
all that he wants to, it doesn't change the facts    Nathan Nevitt has 2 e-mail accounts, 2 FTP accounts .
6 WPMU (Content Management) Accounts, and a CPanel account giving him complete control (Administrator)
of this domain, Nathan Nevitt even has a welcome page HERE.  Nathan Nevitt wint to  great lengths to persuade
all of the parties involved in this domain and the people in Shawn's personal life  that Nathan was some
saintly figure, when in truth, Nathan Nevitt is demanding, he pressured Shawn into a relationship, proposed
marriage multiple times, and exchanged marriage vows on a few occasions.  Nathan Nevitt did all of this
very publicly and believes there are no consequences for his actions of abuse. Jay Nein

From Levi D Wall
Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, We don't know what you are looking for, however if Nathan Nevitt says it is a lie, it won't be the truth, his lying is compulsive.  Nathan Nevitt's problems indicate mental disorders like Borderline Personality,
Narcissitic Personality Disorder, the things that make a Sociopath.  Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, this is a thing we believe
that you probably knew about, though never watned anyone about, which is an irresponsible thing.  Nathan
struck out at you from this very website.  Nathan Nevitt is an abuser, he like most text book Sociopaths, made
every attempt to isolate Shawn, assume control over his life, make monetary demands, this all happened.
Nathan does not want to take responsibility for his actions, but these are his actions, that he abused the
person that Nathan Nevitt, in a House of God proposed to and exchanged marriage vows with Shawn. This was
not the only time. There is Video of that event. While none of us believe that Nathan was not or is not in love with
Shawn, Nathan Nevitt is in need of psychiatric help. Ginny Nevitt, you are rumored to be a health care
professional, things would indicate that it was part of your responsibility to acknowledge and do something
about. Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, it is known that during your threatening phone call to Shawn that you threatened
Him with physical violence by Nathan's stepfather Daniel Nevitt, (I have a copy of Daniel Nevitt's threats of
violence, as well as Nikki Turners', which will be released). Mrs. Ginny Nevitt you seem to be obsessed with
Con-men, a con-man is the very thing that Nathan Nevitt is. Nathan Nevitt not only monetarily made a
victim of Shawn, it would appear that Nathan is also in debt to Nikki Turner's mother, an alleged drug rehab
patient, making me wonder if Nathan's relationships don't all have some monetary gain in mind. Mrs. Ginny
Nevitt, Nathan Nevitt wormed his way into Shawn's professional music life, with  Nathan's mental instability
Shawn's choice of a husband was called into quiestion. The thing we need to get clear is that Nathan Nevitt
not only pursued Shawn, Nathan pressured him, engaged in emotional blackmail, and used him as a means
to some end. Nathan Nevitt proposed marriage to Shawn on 3 occasions that I know of.  Nathan Nevitt was
also aware that Shawn had been in an abusive relationship before, so Nathan had to do some convincing that
this thing would not repeat itself, while Nathan Nevitt assured some of Shawn's friends that Shawn was as
safe from abuse by Nathan, I was never convinced, which has been the source of a lie Nathan has told, when
the truth is even noted in this site's Wiki by Warner A&R Management Rep J.J.Zagate. Make no mistake Mrs.
Ginny Nevitt, Nathan Nevitt is a cold premadetitated abuser.  Nathan Nevitt should be thought of as a
predator until he proves himself to be otherwise.  Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, Nathan had claims of abuse by his own
family, including you. Nathan even put it on this website. Mrs, Ginny Nevitt while it appears a true thing that
you abused Nathan, it also appears that you did this in the name of God? Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, abuse is not a
Christian teaching.  Nathan tried to justify this same thing when abusing Shawn. No Christ sacrificed himself
for the sins you or your son, or anyone would commit in the future, Christ's message was about taking personal
responsibility and atoning to those we have harmed. To act otherwise is to not be a Christian. Mrs. Ginny
Nevitt, it would mean that you or anyone who practices irresponsibility for their actions is an extremist who use
Christianity as a tool to manipulate others. Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, is this the way you justified your own adultery?
Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, your adultery was abuse to Daniel Nevitt and your family. This would make you an expert
on the subject of abuse wouldn't it Mrs. Ginny Nevitt.  Mrs. Ginny Nevitt to have your husband speak for you
sets the Women's Rights Movement back and indicates your failure in accepting responsibility for Nathan
Nevitt's irratic mental states, and your negligence to get Nathan the psychiatric treatment he needed. Mrs.
Ginny Nevitt this would mean encouraging abusive behavior.  Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, what Nathan Nevitt did to
Shawn is illegal in most states, Nathan Nevitt can be charged and tried in both civil and criminal courst, the
thing is that Nathan Nevitt knows this, Nathan Nevitt is counting on Shawn's family not to take that course
of action, since Shawn's family accepted Nathan Nevitt as part of the family, a family Nathan Nevitt took
advantage of.  Mrs. Ginny  Nevitt, Nathan's room mate as well encouraged this abuse of Shawn, and that
is documented on a recording. Nikki Turner seems obsessed with controlling Nathan Nevitt's life, the thing is
that Nathan is in debt to her family, so she will be allowed to do his thinking.  Nathan Nevitt has not even
made the effort to maintain a business relationship, he might not be capable. Instead Nathan Nevitt has
decided to libel and lie about Shawn, who Nathan Nevitt publicly exchanged marraige vows with, only to
abuse him.  Mrs. Ginny Nevitt, Nathan threatened Shawn over the truth if Shawn were to speak it, that is
extortion over the truth, Nathan wanted to live a lie in some dillusional mental state where he thinks he is an
Abercrombie model, not a sales person.  Mrs. Ginny Nevitt the thing you don't have is access to the things
that prove these points, but Nathan Nevitt left a treasure chest of incriminating documents, we are not
in the pornography business, even with the oddity of Nathan's Peyronies Disease, what other diseases does
Nathan have?  Mrs.Ginny Nevitt,  the things is, if you,  like Nikki Taylor or Nathan himself does
not think it is necessary for Nathan Nevitt to explain his actions, then you are nothing more than
animals reinforcing each others behavior.  I have always thought Nathan Nevitt was a fraud, and it is up
to him to prove otherwise, ir is his responsibility, or he is nothing but a predator. -Levi Dennis Wall

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Nathan Nevitt pursued and proposed to and exchanged marruage vows to Shawn Zone Walker in a house of God

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Nathan Nevitt do you know what you've done, what you've become? Nathan Nevitt no remorse no conscience can he face what he has done or is Nathan Nevitt a predator? Prove me wrong -Levi

adulterer virginnia ginny leis nevitt encouraged spousal abuse by her son Nathan Nevitt to his husband Shawn Zone Walker who Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed to and exchanged marriage vows in a house of God before witneses. Nathan Nevitt pressured and held down Shawn Zone Walker into a marriage. Nathan Nevitt abused Shawn and and takes no responsibility for his actions. Nathan Nevitt uses Jesus dying for his sins as an excuse and that Nathan had not received the psychiatric treatment he desparately needs. adulterer ginny leis nevitt encourages this behavior and mental illlness along with Nikki Turner. Nathan Nevitt, adulterer Ginny Leis Nevitt, Nikki Turner will not justify their actions or take responsibility for psychological abuse. Nathan Nevitt has made grandiose statements saying he was pressured, Nathan Nevitt did the pressuring. Nathan Nevitt is a liar and abuser in need of psychiatric help-Levi Wall

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nathan nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed to and exchanged marriage vows with shawn zone walker in a house of God, saying he would never leave, declared shawns home, has his house keys