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What Happened Here?




Occupy Wall St is happening, recording, one live show planned.  Skip + Chris Occupy NYX, with Kurt. Levi NYC and DC with Logan and Aaron James., Nik, NYC and Occupy Boston

Since I have been censored by Nathan Nevitt and just perform maintenance, Skip or Chris or both dumped the @filmscrewband Twitter, to start aggregating the news of Occupy Wall Street, happening on Sept 17. okay. Skip accessed SZ's Twitter for the occasion also, no, no SZ yet, not answering questions about it, don't have answers, just comatose.

Skip Walker, SZ's cousin is going to be stepping back into the frey with Films Crew, he's being wroking with Peyrony, He and Kurt or going to also be working on Xen, no I don't know. yes there is a resemblence, yes it is spooky no I'm not answering question about the current changes or happenings Nathan Nevitt has censored and threatend me.

Apologies to Tom Morris, the CMS I installed for him was ddos'd, bringing it's dataase down, I have you set up on the /notes with a section, that seems like a page, but it's a section

This is not your Pimp your own web 2.0 graphics server, having said that, being on the social web doesn't make you a webmaster. This also not the place to Stalk anyone involved with Films Crew, Nathan + Shawn (Aaron now deprecated) conceived a website that is a puzzle, what goes on in the personal lives of Films Crew, respectively Aaron + Shawn is their business, not yours. A page will be set up to give you some insight, if you have insight. There is, as usual no response to whoever has a Libelous Hate Blog, or to those who want to know which Aaron or which Shawn or which Levi is the real one on Facebook, Twitter, Occupii, UStream, Livestream, Vimeo, YouTube, MySpace,Tumblr, Diaspora, so on, no one would know. There is an Official Films Crew Twitter,r MySpace. and Diaspora.  I do not have answers about Peyrony, Films Crew,anyone's health and well being, who's bad blog is who's, (if you're not Occupy Wall St , no one cares,) I don't know what the Xen Project is, or what is. Thank You Jay

Amanda has joined the collective, welcome her.

Daniel Nevitt is coming to beat us all up and make us shit up, and there's a recording of him ranting about it and his great love of Glenn Beck. Dan Nevitt has a huge problem with homosexuals he likes yelling about them so if he's coming on his adultering wife's money for twinky metal musicians to beat, don't forget the lube, Dan Nevitt worst queer in the world

Tim's art gallery is up, was going to put in a new section - CMS but opened /notes (first Coincidental Events) back up

It seems Levi has been fired and removed from SZ's by Nathan, it's not like he had anywhere to sleep or anything, no I'm not answering questions about it. Jay

Captain Nathan Nevitt has Art Galleries now as per his request and a networked wordpress mu cms for more art galleries, at his request

The Captain Nathan Nevitt, concerned about some incoming link on /notes - Coincidental Events, so I had to move it? an incoming link? Coiincidental Events is now at /events

Tom don't doubt that there is a wiki installed, it's always been here

Aaron want a shrine built in his hono on the webr, I thought he had already built one

Time passes, Nate Riots is a drama queen?  Het her Tom

What is a Nate Riots and why does it think it's famous?

As with all things Web related, when people are told what they can and can't do, that is met with resistance and then met with even more attacks. Quoting Myself

Rules: I'm anti-social and here temporarily by a generous request of SZ's family. I don't answer or open unapproved e-mail, or respond to to death threats or terrorist threats. Thank you for your understanding.  Thank you, Jay G. Nein

There have been some problems with the e-mail server due to spam concerning some blog war. There are no Blogs affiliated with this site. Blog software is installed, for XML, RSS, PHP, and DB purposes, but no one is available to keep a Site Blog up continually for this site. Thank you Jay G Nein

I'm stepping away from being any voice for this site, unless absolutely necessary. This site has been so heavily stolen from, that that the owners and I should get royalties. Don't steal code or graphics. And these ridiculous accusations of libel, slander, etc, sorry, there's none of that here, I'm not risking my professional reputation on that. Any e-mail considered harrassing will be have been blacklisted from this domain as Spam. Thank you Jay G.Nein

Traffic from some servers will still be re-directed, the blogs and spam blogs are not the concern, this site does not reflect those views, it supports no view except art, and art is perception. The Art is that of Aaron + Shawn's (the owners of this site and not yours). SZ's family has provided the media and it is being worked on. Now it's time for Films Crew to start heading home and start work.  Thank you Jay G Nein

Updating:  What was originally planned for this site ran amok after many very strange turns of events, started by Aaron. my successors were not equipped to deal with them after my being fired, after the original attacks on this site. Films Crew set up a guideline for "cool colors" site wide, they designed the site, I coded it.  My successors did not follow these guidelines, and the scheduled updates to templates and graphics ignored. These upgrades are downgrades back the original ideas of this site by Aaron + Shawn, who designed it for music + multimedia, which has been quiet too long. There has been a good deal of mythology srruounding this site, when  the band has had no involvement with it due to strange turns of events. This site has no affiliation to any others, the only public outbound links are to Apple, (and now Adobe for Flash) for plugins. Inbound links can't be controlled, and this site or owners are not liable for that. Some pages, I am not sure why or how they got there, some were malicious attacks. I am not in contact with the band, and will not address qustions concerning them. My involvement in this site was orriginally agreed to for my portfolio purposes, as a capitalistic + artistic endeavor, Films Crew decided on that artform, not you. This site is designed, maintained, tested, and hosted on Mac OSX and Red Hat Linux. Thank you J IX

As with all things Web related, when people are told what they can and can't do, that is met with resistance and then met with even more attacks. That is not what is going on here, this is only re-coding maintenance, not an attempt to impose anything, limited access is temporary.

All images are watermarked, all audio or video digitally watermarked with iTunes© DRM, all text, titles, & templates are copyright of this site and its owners, not yours.  Please, do not re-post, re-link, or try to spam this site at this time.

My successors in maintaining this site were not quite able to give it the care that initially went into it. The on going re-coding renovation will have a few tiers during the migration to the new framework. The last authorized login was in july, for maintenance, there are designated number of secure login accounts, which  were somehow breached. The band, artists, (wherever they are, I haven’t talked to them, don’t ask), would be unaware. I’m still technically fired, I don’t answer e-mail that is not authorized first.
Thank you Jay G. Nein

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