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Good bye for now, Levi

There is no redemption in excuses, misplaced blame, making peace with our actions and the consequence can they bring is a strength through humiliity.  A chance at a collaboration like this is something I take to heart, with an  understanding of whom I am collaborating and the priority of that understanding and how fragile it can be, and the devastating effect that can come about when those bonds are violated, we choose to continue the cycle if we have left our words by our actions incomplete. It is living in a enabling world for our excuses and closets I would be ashamed to live in.

Posted by Levi
An Open Letter To The Captain Nevitt

A Sociopath is someone who has no guilt or remorse for their actions, who feels their actions have no consequence, that they are not responsible for their own actions, that it is their victim's fault
and it can be ignored as if nothing happened and can rationalize that who they hurt meant nothing to them. They live in denial. Their satisfaction comes from emotional and psychological abuse.  It is a mental illness. They are predators.

This was an e-mail I'm awaiting reply from to The Captain Nathan as a response to his emotional abuse of my colleague.

The conversation from the call was from speaker phone to speaker phone, recorded on my digital recorder, Nikki is just the picture of mental health, hopefully I can get legal clearance for it. I want an explanation for your irrational behavior.  You will owe a huge apology to SZ's Mum who has been doing everything in her power to make sure that you 2 would have some time together.  That's not an option, that thing is a demand, because not to do so would be the most ungrateful thing on earth.  Do you blame your problems on senior citizens with cardiac disease or just want to push them around for your convenience?  SZ's shoulder recovery is an inconvenience?  So much so that make demands on him? Oh, and I hope you forward this to your friend Nikki, she is out of line, is it nice having someone in your life that wants your loving fiance' out of your life completely, yes, I did hear, I was on the other phone on speaker.   Immature people call others immature,  and a 2 year old would know that thing.  Have you ever once put yourself in SZ's shoes? no, from things I listened to, you are too ungrateful of a thing.  I used to think Aaron was Satan, but you ripped out SZ's beating heart and walked on it.  What do you have to say for yourself?  That you're lonely in Austin?  You throw a temper tantrum and let that bitch tell SZ off?  Lot's of balls Mr.Nevitt.  You wanted to marry SZ, then to toss him out?

You hurt?  You're in need of mental help.  That you couldn't give SZ the extra time he needed is insensitive, callous, and self-centered.  How big is your ego?  Do you care who you hurt and how much?  Just because you hurt? Not good enough.  You hurt one of my closest friends, and this time I don't know if he'll heal.  Your actions are arrogant. SZ has been doing everything he can to make this work.  What? Not enough? Or does your adviser Nikki say so?  Like I put on the website today, this blame belongs to you and you alone, what are you going to do about that? Ignore it? Pretend it didn't happen? Or are you ok with full on destroying someone completely?  Because it is what you did.  You can't pass the blame on to SZ, you can't say it is equal.  What you did is set out to hurt him, because you felt hurt, and you hurt him badly.  What are you going to do about that?  Pray?  You set out to hurt the person you asked to marry you, and you can't say you didn't, because it is the thing you did.  How do you feel about that?

Did it earn points with Nikki?  Sure it did.  And 1 other thing, I noticed something about you not asking SZ to stay with you while you went to sleep?  That's not true, you always have.  But we all lie when we are backed into a corner.  The thing is have you been lying about loving SZ?  You say he's the love of your life, so the answer is to hurt him beyond repair?  That's not love, but it's a battle for it.

You call yourself a Christian?  That's something I would rethink if I were you.

You have a choice, you say you accept for himself and are in love SZ as he is, now you have to make the choice of whether that the truth or not.  I want an answers.  He has spent the last year and a half months immersed in you, (and you demanded it).  And you hurt?, for me that's as trivial as Nikki saying you hurt.  You became the center of his life, the thing is he was hesitant, and the other thing is, he sure as hell didn't listen to his friends, I guess you do and they make your decisions for you, I heard Nikki on speaker, to deny that thing is not dealing with the truth.  You were so impatient that you couldn't give him the time he needed?  That says a lot about you, thing is it's not good.  It's just abusive, what do you have to say about that?

It's forcing him, and yes you gave ultimatums.  So what is it, is loving someone abuse to you?  SZ came out of an abusive relationship, he wouldn't know the difference, but is that the thing you are?  Are you taking advantage of that?  Have you ever put yourself in his shoes? a house with hurricane damage he fights to fix, SZ's Mum's condition which he volunteered to take on, that's the only mom figure he's known, the shoulder surgeries, the career upheavals, but willing to try his give you his very best.  Thing is that isn't good enough, I guess, will have to wait for Nikki to decide what is.  Didn't you tell SZ he knew you better than anyone else, and Nikki screams that's not true.  Where is the truth there?

To have her speak for you, thing is, that's shallow, and there will be no apologies from her, she feels no remorse.  Thing is Nathan I think you are so deep in a hole I don't think you can bring yourself to apologize, isn't that right?  You see Nathan, if you end things with SZ, do you care what happens to him, or did you just want out?   You really told him that it was fine that you never had anything to do with him after a break up, so you never wanted to "Spend the rest of your life with him", right?, never had any attention of it right? That's hypocritical, can you explain that?
Originally I didn't want this to work, but you 2 have too much time and alleged love tied up in this thing, and you want to throw it away?  What are you going to do now Nathan?  Nothing?  Maybe be friends? I don't think Nikki would allow it, and SZ doesn't want to be your friend. What does this come down to, your contest of who hurts the most?  That's what you wanted to find out isn't?  And why is that the reason to end a relationship you demanded?  I wouldn't play the age card if I were you, it's a thing of knowing right from wrong, you can't say anything different, it's the truth.

What if SZ doesn't recover from what you have said and done?  Do you deny it happening or blame it on him?  Since I was on speaker, you were on speaker, and The Mum heard every word, you won't get too far with that.  What God is that you believe in that makes you hurt people? 

From what I was able to hear you had no remorse what so ever, do you have a conscience?  And to note, SZ told you not to come to Texas if the reason was him, does forcing a situation make it right?  Does blaming it on him make it right if you forced it?  And you still are all in the right aren't you with God on your side?  Because I am still trying to figure out if you assume responsibility for your own actions however cruel they me be?  Did you just want out because there was something all of a sudden better?  Do you believe in repenting?  Or is that asking too much?  What do you now that you and Dr.Nikki have banished SZ from your life?  You truly never want anything to do with him again?  Are you aware that says something about your sanity. and that you would truly need help?

Do you care that SZ cries, or do your tears mean more?  Do you care that SZ put his life on hold to try to build a home for the 2 of you that you demanded?  The truth is you knew it. Now, what do you want him to do about that?  Do I care what Nikki has to say, no, from her shrieks, she's a control freak of a monster, and you can't say that is not the truth either, I've been listening to it on my digital recorder.

If you hurt someone, is it over? And you did with no remorse. Because your fiance' is not able to give in to all demands is it over?  You are very demanding.  Remember you asked him to marry you.  Does that mean anything or are we supposed to forget about that too?  You aren't going to apologize to anyone are you?  Nikki won't let you, and there's the ego thing.  How does it feel to have washed someone's life away? Their reasonfor living?, because you can't have what you want right when you want it? To a rational person that kind of thing is over the top.  Are you a rational person?  You don't sound like one, but I am trying to appeal to your rational side.

Nathan can you look at yourself and ask yourself 'what have I done'?, why did I shatter the life of the one I ask to marry beyond repair?  Was it right for my uninformed friend Nikki to scream at my fiance' how terrible of a person he is?  Nikki doesn't get any excuses as I am listening to her on my digital recorder.  You don't care what damage she caused do you?  She wouldn't it's a lifestyle choice for her, don't try to deny that, it doesn't fall into the world of taking up for you against the guy you asked to marry, that you demanded to.  she's not stable, her solutions are sophomoric and you know that is the truth.

What to do Nathan?  You either love SZ or you don't, if you don't, you will have to tell him, you will have to deal that blow.  You see Nathan, if 2 people are hurting by distance, that's all it is, if you think SZ hasn't been hurting  you should rethink that.  If you say you want him out of your life, wouldn't the last year and a half not be the truth from you? Nathan Nevitt you pursued and demanded that last year and a half, what does that say about you? How do you feel about what you've done?

How does it feel to have pulled someone's life out from under them? A life you pursued and demanded and exchanged vows with?  How are you going to stop SZ from loving you? Hurt him more?  Nathan people hurt when they are in love, if you love them?  Nikki's fantasy about what that means is a fantasy, and I think you need to think about that.  So what are you going to do about SZ?, or do we have to clean up you've ruined?  You've risked losing his trust, that's not something that's earned back easily.  And being that he has been abused, is what you have done considered any less abusive?  If you say no, that won't be the truth.  I guess I want to know how you feel about abusing the person you asked to marry you?  How does that feel?  Or do you feel it at all?

I am not expecting to hear back from you, you're too busy trying to run away from reality aren't you?  But I want to know the answers to these questions before I write you off as another Aaron.  I want you to prove me wrong.  It would be smart to answer,

By the way, SZ doesn't have anything to do with this, he went into a bit of shock after you were through with him.  But I suppose you'll put that blame on him.

So do you really want SZ out of your life, so much so that you will abuse him as you have done?  Nathan, it was abuse.  This is on you, how do you correct it? Running away? Blaming him?  These are the things you have done.  How do you fix this?  If you don't love him, you will have to tell him that it was all a game and suffer those consequences.  It will mean that you are a predator, and that you are not capable of the truth, and the last year and a half was a lie, which is what all your relationships are then.  Then you would be a predator. If you are not a predator and you do love him, you fix it, do you understand?

I wanted to believe that you were true to your word, if your word and this love is truth, I will give the choice to SZ that either he should continue building this life with you that you have demanded of him, and I will continue a hiatus to help this be accomplished, or you will have me to contend with Nathan.
Levi D Wall

SZ Mum's email is
She should get an apology from you, you might also explain to her why you have abused SZ, and the truth is it is abuse, no excuses.  I would get on that pretty fast if I were a person of feeling, if not, I would have shot myself before doing what you did.  I want to know how you accept responsibility for this, it's on your shoulders, or do you just run away? Then I might say I'm not responsible for what I do.

A Sociopath is someone who has no guilt or remorse for their actions, who feels their actions have no consequence, that they are not responsible for their own actions, that it is their victim's fault
and it can be ignored as if nothing happened and can rationalize that who they hurt meant nothing to them. They live in denial. Their satisfaction comes from emotional and psychological abuse. It is a mental illness. They are predators.

Levi D Wall

l.d.wall  to nathan nevitt

The Alexi Bot
Posted by Levi

A Thing Unfinished

When a thing is discovered, more things are known. Things move slowly before this infection is detected in all mechanisms. Things accelerate when manifestation levels exceed these limits of tolerance. The Alexi Bot given the right conditions. In Post Cold War Yugoslavia, the Cold War ideals lived on in a thing known as Cyvano Tech. a covert Soviet nanotechnology operation, designing and manufacturing the perfect artificial intelligent victim soldier. Cyvano Tech survived the Serbian - Croatian conflict, working both sides, as the prototype for Alexi Bot was a thing realized. Cyvano Tech’s location moved to the area north of Silicon Valley, where things like Post Soviet Totalitarian ideals are just a fashion consciousness. The first few Alexi Bot prototypes ran amok during their formative stages in the mid to late 1980’s, with testing experiments in the southwestern states, becoming famous Victimizer Soldiers, the technical things hadn’t been ironed out. Cyvano Tech had infiltrated the product placement market, spilling out of the televisions and internets, wear me, buy me, be me.

Cyvano Tech soon realized that this nanotechnology, could be implanted in a thing known as an implanted RFID chip. Having history in the former Soviet Block, they banked on a nano implant technology they called RF No ID. The new revision of the Alexi Bot would have no such thing as its own Identity is a thing the Alexi Bot absorbs from previous Bots that is a learned behavior from the Televisions, Internets, malls, and all things media. The Alexi Bot has no identity of its own, in an effort to absorb non Alexi Bots or their identities to increase Alexi Bot numbers. And these things are rising. The non identity of the marketer, is a thing to strip hopeful Alexi Bot of their identities replacing it with a thing known as Ego Attention Deficit Disorder, a thing mental health professionals can’t satisfy. The thing is, if there is no identity left after viral marketing of the Alexi Bot, there is no individuality that can be restored.

Cyvano Tech’s viral no identity marketing took on the proportion of a thing that becomes a monster. Soon the Alexi Bot was a control mechanism of marketing through fear and viral mental health concerns. The current Alexi model, a thing observed, a depressive marketing personality. Cyvano Tech’s idea was to smart small with the infestation, a thing like a depression epidemic takes some viral marketing. Things like self mutilation, are hidden by the Alexi Bot, but a thing manifested through internets, but things advertised to possible host mechanisms.

The Alexi Bots infiltrate the mainstream, as Victim Soldiers these things are perfect for the mainstream that believes in marketing a conformist individualities, things known as Emo, Emo Hardcore, Goth Emo, and other variations on the same theme. Alexi thrives here in television clothes, internet ideas, and prefabricated suicide dramas. The Alexi Bot’s web is weaved though these mediums disguised as Underground Culture, but it’s all advertised and marketed before the download of identity draining starts. A typical Alexi Bot will use Text Messaging as their normal mode of communication to isolate potential drone bots from their surroundings. The Alexi Bot practices narcissism openly along with multiple sexualities to fit any situation. The Alexi Bot’s RF No ID chip makes allowances for gaps in the encounters, having no identity Alexi Bot is always a pure thing, no matter the large number of partners that Alexi Bot has sexually processed, with No identity, it can’t remember. These are the things of heartbreak with the Alexi Bot and its compliment of persecuted partners. A thing always to be remembered is the Alexi Bot is always the victim.

Cyvano Tech tapped into the lack of transparency that the Alexi Bot would chose, all things like actions have to be cloaked by a clothing style and secret attitudes. Things like secret attitudes are the formula for the infestation, and can only be decoded by the brand names worn from popular mainstream corporate stores advertised as underground. The thing common to Alexi Bots is fame, the Alexi will be famous, always famous and has always been famous and always destined for more famous things. The Alexi Bot dresses as a foamous victim, but will make many more victims. This is in contrast to The Aaron Model, an earlier work by an independent lab, a possible pharmaceutical bio lab operation on the fringe of society, however the Aaron model could do one thing as a bio mechanism, become famous, stay famous, and rise to more fame in the face of heavy attack blogging by biochemically diverting this attention into anyone who he expects to carry the thing. This area is the shortcoming of the Alexi Bot, fame is a thing that will reach smaller markets. The spurn is the thing that is the by product of this fame, The Alexi Bot spurns many. A thing always accomplished by the text message. The fame of the Alexi Bot leaves room for responsibility, with no identity in its chip, responsibility is often delegated to to its Drone Bots, where another thing happens, a frenzy of gossip text’d from cell to social networks to spread viral marketing. A thing os conscience is lost in these networks, an Alexi Bot has no identity besides an implanted nanotech RF no ID chip, so such a thing as blame can’t enter the Alexi Bots victim programmed non identity. Things like accusation are quick to fly from the Alexi Bot’s texting fingers and having no identity of morality the Alexi Bot is transformed into a victim of situations that have nothing to do with Alexi Bot, usually when it comes to the consenting activities of those Alexi Bot could not conform to Drone Bots.

Cyvano Tech failed in the attempt of a thing to provide instant gratification through photographic stimulation, but the Alexi Bot was programmed with some abilities to find fascination in digitizing as many photographic images of the Alexi Bot as possible. The Alexi Bot is also capable of small surveillance tasks to itself, an ability to digitize images of depravity with partners they are processing to later act as the victims of, with no identity the thing Alexi Bot has no memory of actively pursuing a potential victimizer being tracked who is the actual victim of the Alexi Bot. When we further examine the Alexi Bot, things will appear like the dualities of Alexi Bot’s nano circuitry, a thing which leads it to the destruction of it social eco-systems after short term exposure, and a thing known as total control, where Alexi Bot requires the mass accumulation of other identities to absorb and redistribute watered down without the original identity intact, in all things accusatory by Alexi Bot, potential drones who do not cooperate are branded Changers, not that these individuals who would cling to individuality actually do partake in a thing such as change, they are immune to the Drone Bot affect of Alexi Bot, in which they are shamed by texting social networks, it was no mistake that Alexi Bots technology was made for minimal exposure to elements. The Alexi Bot can resemble a humble thing, but has been programmed to ignore common courtesies of apologies, while demanding thing after thing, or their constant Ego Inflation tactics, a thing never satisfied, or the duality of truth programmed into this Ego center.

Our requests Cyvano Tech for tech support have gone ignored, the Alexi Bot issued immediately dissented into a madness. It had been a thing of assurance that we were to have the latest revision of Alexi Bot, a sad thing, as our Alexi Bot demanded integration without anything that was truth. Cyvano Tech has blamed us for Alexi Bots malfunctions a thing which Alexi Bot blames Cyvano Tech for, neither Cyvano Tech or Alexi Bot have the ability of apology or remorse. We will examine this further.

A thing unfinished by Levi

I tried to make an appeal to Alexi Bot

Alexi there are things like transparency in the way people behave. Alexi you do not practice these things. Alexi it’s an honesty thing. Alexi do you know these things I have my disposal?, things an Admin can see Alexi? Alexi, a thing you might do is rethink what drama you put into text about others, the thing is Alexi, you have lied, the thing is, why behind someone’s back? Why not pick up that phone Alexi and call that target that you are using as a scapegoat? Alexi you have some issues. Alexi what is it that you do again?, I’ve heard your occupation is being famous, the thing is Aaron is much more famous than you are, so will your descent into narcissistic madness make you as famous?, that chance is slim, Alexi you would have too much competition. Alexi who really changed? That would be you. Alexi, making apologies are wiser things, so are therapists.



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Posted by ADMIN Naive Blonde Bombshell LEVI

No Tom, I have not been waiting to do anything except an apology, for my family to get an apology, For Shawn and his family to get an apology, for Aaron and his family to get an apology. A thing you don’t find important. A thing you personally undermined by participating with a psychotic blogger woman. These things were nothing but revenge for you, you weren’t trying to organize anything. The thing is, you at least don’t deny it. But what it costs to people is something you don’t care about. The thing is, Conwell is probably paying attention to all of this, and if you don’t think so, you are naive, aren’t you. To threaten to give people a “14 day free trial with Conwell” on Myspace, is not a comment, it’s a threat. Why would you do such a thing? Does it matter to you that she damaged lives beyond repair, do these things register with you? Does it register with you that you helped her? Does it register with you that lives and livelihoods are damaged, and the reality of the thing is that you were part of the problem, not the solution. A thing you don’t deny either. How can you be given second chances to be ethical? And the thing of this perpetual whining that someone interfered in your relationship, that thing was you. The thing is that a relationship that is a partnership is still not resolved, was not resolved, a thing you knew, a thing that meant nothing to you, a thing you used to bait Conwell. A thing you used for revenge of your own shortcomings. What things were “the Hell” that you went through? The thing is, you made that Hell for yourself. This is the thing you deny. Did you make an effort to get the address of this blogger Conwell so she could be sued for libel, that is a thing you didn’t do. A thing you didn’t care about, a thing you were deeply intertwined with, a thing you don’t deny. But a thing you threaten a “14 day trial” to others with. Why don’t you do this thing Tom? It’s a thing that you want to do, to organize, so no one is before you. I will always be before you, a thing I’ve made clear. Tom a thing you do not do is organize artists, the thing is that you don’t support who we would collaborate with. Did these artists invite you into their lives? The thing is you made juvenile petty assumptions based on Myspace pages. Are artists easily organized, cooperative, or even tempered?, not a thing you want to find out. We have bitchy management for that, a thing that doesn’t always work. The thing artists do is wander off on their own tangents. This is a thing you can’t organize, What we as an artist collective do is something that is not your decision and a thing that you don’t organize. The thing is, in your own blogs you have referred to anyone involved with this site and music projects with such venom and hatred, in league with blogger Conwell, how can you expect to organize anything? And that thing was inexcusable and libel. What’s the thing that sets you apart from Conwell, that you apologized to Shawn on your blog? The thing is, several other people were not apologized to. Why are their families unimportant? Does your family know your involvement in these things? The thing is, how does that get repaired? You have no interest in that, the reputations damaged, or the financial end of that. Can you organize that thing? Or are you here to destroy it from the inside? Why don’t you do that? Nothing will stand before you will it? Why don’t you pick up the equipment and maintenance, transportation, medical, food, housing, education, and veterinary costs? Can you organize the repair of the damage of these people and these things? Tom, Shawn is an honorable person, a thing you understand, but a thing you have used against him unapologetically. The only thing I know that you have said, is that ‘friends are like clothes, having colors, seasons, and brands, and that you want to pick out his clothes’, (I am paraphrasing). That is a controlling thing. That is not your place. Why would you want to do a thing like alienate his people and replace them with people you find suitable? If this thing is so important to you, why don’t you try this? Shawn has been a non-participant in all of this blogging nonsense, the thing is, the people blogging about him don’t even know him. Another thing is, the people that were blogged about, most of them don’t know each other, I don’t even know who half of them are, but they are people that have been hurt, and no one seems to care that the blame falls on us, when we had nothing to do with any of it. If this blogger Conwell has a problem, besides her psychotic ranting, they are not problems with myself, Jay, Justin, or Shawn. If she has a problem with Aaron, she can take it up with Aaron. Not one of us knows Aaron’s family, so if Aaron’s family’s death threats were things of substance, that is a thing that would be pursued, by the authorities, as would blogger Conwell. The thing is, I don’t think you want to see this resolved, you had the chance to do just that. Your record is a thing that speaks for itself. I don’t personally know Jay, the thing is I don’t want to. That he was mentioned by name as a hacker, while being an awarded reputable webmaster, is a thing I don’t understand, it cost him work. That thing of translating design into code is his art. The thing of our management being a target of libel and harassment, is something I can’t comprehend, (and I am writing this with her blessing and she will proofread it). That Justin, who I have also never met, has his service and character called into question, is outrageous. That even Aaron has his character called into question with no proof what so ever, by some blogger woman is insane, these accusations from her are obviously false things, since the fails to act on them, yet you encouraged her to drag Shawn into it out of spite. He didn’t belong there, he remained absolutely silent as he was asked by Aaron. It is their business, not a public thing. It is a thing that has never been up for discussion. That both Shawn and Aaron were hunted down like animals on the internet, where they are not, and that this was encouraged, with people giving them false accounts at different locations. is insanity, and it never seems to end. As well as these false associations to people we do not know, or have any knowledge of. This site has been broken into and phished enough since these hate blogs started. If there are phished emails you want to publish from this domain, why don’t you do that? It is something that would give whoever phished the account a great deal of satisfaction. The thing is Tom, you have a way into this server too. This is a thing you wanted, this thing is a privilege, This thing, these people, are not your right, they are not your entitlement, but you have hurt them, and that is a thing I care about. Tom, you are unapologetic. The thing involving the legitimacy of my parentage, is how I saw it, Tom you don’t see for me. This thing is a judgement you can’t make. Why don’t you give me a “14 day free trial with Conwell”? It’s a thing I could make the most of, because she would make apologies to all she has harmed, but I don’t think this is something you want to happen, because you had that opportunity, and did nothing. Is this the thing you are not done with? A thing I said previously was that you do not clean up after yourself to put things right, there is always someone else to blame isn’t there?, not this time. Hate and drama have no place on this domain, it is about creativity and experimentation with that creative thing. Why would you want to bring it here? The things you think you know are the very things you don’t, you are not the expert here on personalities. The thing is that your knowledge is a thing you believe from a psychotic blogger. Who interfered with your relationship?, you did this, You were given you a second chance, but who interfered with that?, you did. Who is interfering with relationships that aren’t yours’?, you are. I have no argument with you, I don’t understand you, it is not something I care to do. If no one stands before you, there is no one there at all. Your criticisms about the contributors to this site are not welcome here, And your hopes should be that Shawn could express himself here, as well as Aaron, instead of being hunted like animals by internet psychotics. As things stand, Rob, take down your blog, but keep the videos.

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