Chistopher P Reyher Shawn Zone logos Nathan is lying he did pursue propose to and exchange marriage vows with Shawn to abuse him Nevitt is a sociopath in need of psychiatric help

Shawn Zone Dot Org is The Official Website of Nathan Nevitt + Shawn Zone Walker = Films Productions L.L.P.
+ The Art of Nathan Nevitt + Films Productions + Infinity Equals Recording Artists or Projocts including:
Films Crew (Band) + ANNONXN + Abandoned Halos + Peyrony + PSYM OPSYS 0 + Abandoned Halos + Synopsis Misfire,
(The Aaronic Order) of Aaron Housos James + Predator from L.D.Wall + Art + Multimedia from these projects.
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site_owner: Nathan Taylor Nevitt, Shawn Zone, Aaron Housos, Christopher Reyher, Warner Chappell Music UK
city: Manhattan, Houston
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site_name: FilmsCrewBand = Shawn Zone + Aaron Housos James + Christopher P Reyher + Levi D Wall
site_description: official website of FilmsCrewBand, shawn zone walker, aaron housos james, progressive post-metal experimental music, multi media from
Aaron Housos James, Shawn (Zone) Walkeer, Levi Dennis Wall, Christopher P Reyher of Films Crew (Band), ANNONXN, Peyrony Project,
Abandoned Halos (Band) The Art of Nathan Nevitt, filmscrewband, abandoned halos (band and song), Symopsis0, Synopsis Misfire ) Aaron Housos (band), a+sz=infinity productions, photography,video music psychology, politics, gay rights wrestling, narcissus echo,

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Nathan Nevitt ruthlessly pursued proposed to exchanged marriage vows with Shawn Zone Walker abusing himto his Nathan Nevitt is a sociopath



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