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Presentation: Levi Wall
aaron housos it really is your victoria conwell problem
Of all we can be certain, some rogue operation of Aaron's, hwving nothing to do with his music.  Aaron had possibly become the outrage of a blooger named StevieRich, and other aliases, we can surmise it is a Victoria Conwell, as the
Collective, (bands, artists), being autonomous, probably knows little or nothng about the Victoria Conwell's unique brand of  blogging, interesting grmmatic styling, or her unwarranted self-importance, Aaron having the same degree
on unwarranted self-importance. Not much was to be gleaned of Victoria Conwell's libelous outbursts as they lacked
coherence. We didn't understand what any of it meant, making Victoria Conwell's troll attempt unsuccessful, although
some say dramatic events took place IRL, (kidnappings, rapes, murders, incest, plagues), who can ever be certain, however, Victoria Conwell became another meme in the scheme of things. It was reported that Tom Morris stopped
Victoria Conwell or from the e-mail spools, possibly her daughter. As Anonymous runs this bitch momentarily, we say
knowledge is free, so those e-mail spools shall be. Thus the vote is for this page to stay. Tim or Aaron, which ever was unsuccessfyl in becoming an Anon due to forced memes Aaron Housos is not his name.  It would have been impossible
for this Victoria Conwell to obtain any phone numbers of any of the artists contained here within, except Aaron's.  The
respect of Anonymous was gained by Tom Morris.
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