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films crew aaron shawn housos music Aaron Housos Wall: Synopsis Misfire : The Aaronic Order + Ellispsys Is Peace, Symp0sium0 + Muisopmys sysan0 + Not A or Z, Apivxz, Drive past mourning views, etc.  Aaron is NOT Anonymous

Anonymous is confused to the meaning of this page. Many Anonymmous have followed The Lulz of Aaron Housos' epicly lulzy dramatic blogging adventures, as he uses  even lulzier names to bob and weave against his oponent Victoira  Conwell, or her daughter Sarah, with equally or lulzier pseudonyms, (Means NOT Anonymous or Anons).  There have been so many Aaron impersonators that only a keen eyed Anon could tell the difference in Aaron's epicly cryptic prententious prose. With his psychotic oponents in the battle off the blogs, the story-arches become so uber meta that it is always fail.  Most if not all diseminated through 4chan newfags or 711 chan's IRC. These epicly meta tomes of unwarranted self-importance have become collectors items for many Anonymous who have yet to decipher their meaning. All of that time writing so many words that they have to mean something.  As it stands, Aaron is currently in the lead in this meta war, having left his opponents believing he is writing for  and ghost playing for the band Tool, and has returned to his husband, (who is an appaitiion, as Anonymous understands, Aaron has much cock for ghosts). Aaron's bandmates would be surprised if they were aware of Aaron's good fortune. Anonymous finds it surprising that Aaron did not launch his blog manifestos from his bands' elegant website, where epic quotes "Wressling is an art, the music indeustry is a blood sport" would have been so meta in it's irony that it would be more meme-worthy than it is. Or, "I'm nowhere near to anything like white trash" Meme after Meme. All the more lulzy, his bandmates don't have a clue to Aaron's E-fame or that any of this has / is happening. Anonymous

aaron housos in writing
A cryptic unage indicative of Aaron's conceptually meta level at which he must sustain to outwit his blogging oponents.

Anonymous must make clear that Aaron does indeed own a percentage of this website, has e-mail accounts here, an ftp account, not to mention the 3 Word press installations that he has access to, 2 of them original installs with the original site.

Aaron: Percussion + Fretless Bass + Guitars + Sound Design +
Composition + Voice + Photography + Concepts + Promises +
All Encompassing Collaboration

Aaron Is The Guiding Force Behind The Films Crew Project, As
Well As Contributor To Any Upcoming Films Productions Projects.
Aaron Is The Balance In All Equations Shawn Zone. History
Validates It's Own Mathematics In This Formula, One Is Incomplete
Without The Other.

Aaron Will Explore All Sorts Of Mediums, And Will Be Available Here.
He Will Dispell Whatever Mythology Surrounds Events Up To This
Point. This Is Aaron's Place To Do As He Will With Total Freedom.
Aaron is half of the partnership of A+SZ=Infinity Productions L.L.P.

aaron housos not nathan nevitt symp0sium0fzer0

Aaron Housos symp0sium0fzer0 ? The lulz of a wrestling homosexual

aaron is not anonymous

films crew aaron shawn housos music

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