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Aaron's Statments?

"I really want to focus all my energy in Shawn right now.
What he means  by "pre-wrestling Aaron" is when stress and
wrestling don't bring out my psychological disorders. A+"

The issue with Shawn and I was a miscommunication(which I am still
not sure what Shawn was trying to communicate to me). I felt Shawn was
threatened by wrestling and he was reacting by trying trying to take away
from everything but him in this fear, whether there is any truth there or not
it is what I felt. I tried talking this out and (at the time) felt like my
explaining myself was hurting him and I did not want to deal with the
fights that was going to bring. He had made it clear that he didn't hate wrestling
and that he wanted me to do it, he seemed very rock solid about this. I was
not going to be able to deal with Shawn constant degrading of wrestling
(which did happen) and be able to make him feel non-threatened by it at
the same time, seeing the training and the questioning of it was very
stressful. This put me in a very confused place where I saw only one
solution. Leave Shawn alone for the remainder of wrestling season, some
time alone was all that was making sense(at the time).
Since then, training has calmed down for me quite much and I have been
able to simply enjoy wrestling and matches(which is the only reason
I have ever done the sport). None-the-less, there could have been a much
better way of going about this, I am very sorry to Shawn and am not
really sure how to appologize/explain everything to him

i feel so alone now. i love shawn more than anything,
i can't stop crying. i am nothing without .shawn help me ,
i have no one.

I love you so promise me I'm heaven bound.
Catch me, catch me
My love, please catch me
Catch me, catch me
My love, catch me while I need you now

Shawn, I really have no Idea how to word this... I am
very worried about you... I know you think I have
abandoned you but I haven't, I miss you so much...
For the first time since Christmas I am crying, I
really miss you now..  I love you, whether you believe
my actions prove it or not.  I don't know where you
are or if you will even read this but I am sorry for
what I have done...  I am sorry for being confused, I
just wish I could be more like you..  I am "sober" and
it hurts to know it...Why did I have to be so ignurant to what I knew was
right???  Why can't I see past my own cold parts???
When will I be better???  What can I do to make you
come back???Please respond Shawn, please!(you have touched me
deeper than I knew possible)

Love Aaron

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aaron housos
aaron housos filmscrewband


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