films crew aaron shawn housos music
films crew aaron shawn housos music
Aaaron Housos Wall owns an interest in this website where he can log in then
educate us as a gay activist and writer





Aaron Housos: Instruments: Percussion + Drums + Programming +
Percussion Sound Design + Loop Contruction +Fretless Bass +
Guitars + Logic GB Digidesign Tech + Digidesign Deconstruct +
Signal Programming + Sound Design + Voice

Aaron Contributes To:  Films Crew (Band) + Abandoned Halos (Band)
Aaron Housos Solo Project Synopsis Misfire (The Aaronic Order)
The Design of this webite + Photography + Wrestling + Promises +
Controversy + All Encompassing Collaboration Exclusively

Gear: Aaron was awarded a Yamaha Signature Series Guitar
Through Shawn from Yamaha's Signature Shop U.S.
Other Gear: Classified. Wrestling Gear: Provided by SZ

A Controversial Rogue Solo Project Aaron began (Stevie Rich)
has been accompanied by repercussions and has not, of yet
been resolved

Aaron Is The Guiding Force Behind The Films Crew Project, As
Well As Contributor To Any Upcoming Films Productions Projects.
Aaron Is The Balance In All Equations Shawn Zone. History
Validates It's Own Mathematics In This Formula, One Is Incomplete
Without The Other.

Aaron Will Explore All Sorts Of Mediums, And Will Be Available Here.
He Will Dispell Whatever Mythology Surrounds Events Up To This
Point. This Is Aaron's Place To Do As He Will With Total Freedom.
Aaron is half of the partnership of A+SZ=Infinity Productions L.L.P.

Aaron latest project is: Synopsis Misfire (The Aaronic Order).
Epically failing at blogging wars he seens to start for some reason,
leaving his bandmates responsible for, which they know nothing about.
Living in complete denial and oblivion that one day all of these worlds
will collide as is homosexuality, it is inevitible, then a shrine will rise.

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